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Prateek Gondane

Product Trainer for Oxelo India
Skateboarding, Inline Skating, Scootering

"Has cruised a number of cities not only in India but as well as overseas on quad/Inline skates, cruiser board, skateboard and on longboards. Also trained multiple kids on the basics of Roller Sports"


"I've always been fond of adventure. Curious about trying new things just how all kids usually are. One day, while I was helping in cleaning my neighbour's house, we found an old pair of Skates. And that's where it began, my introduction to roller sports. "

Written by Author
Unexplored Skating Styles You Probably Want to Explore

Roller Sport in India is still picking up and is not as popular as other sports. When I started exploring the sport, unavailability of resources and information locally restricted me from practice.

Prateek Gondane
September 26, 2019
min read
My Skateboarding Story - Takin' it to the Streets!

I've always dreamed about an environment of skateboarding for myself, learning a new trick, creating my own skating style, and exploring the whole world on these very different magical and adventurous set of wheels.

Prateek Gondane
May 20, 2019
min read
What Exactly is Waveboarding and Who's Doing it?

Waveboarding, is a newer concept with unusual looking boards that run on two wheels. It's not limited to any particular age group. How it's different from Skateboarding is that you can take it wherever you want without having to put a foot on the floor.

Prateek Gondane
May 20, 2019
min read
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