Combining the pleasure of gliding along with a workout for your muscles and balance, fitness skating is a sport that will win over even the most grudging participants. Take a look at its top 10 benefits.

  1. Waking up your Body

As a dynamic activity, fitness skating lets you rediscover the muscles you'd forgotten you had over the festive period. It requires your bum, thighs, calves and abs to work constantly. Fitness skating is ideal for building muscle all over your body and toning up.

  1. Burning Fat

By doing one hour of fitness skating, that's around 500 calories burned off. So regularly going skating will help get rid of fat and accelerate your weight loss. No more flabby paunch!


  1. Young at Heart

Because it's an endurance sport, fitness skating stimulates your entire cardiovascular system, develops heart muscle, and improves blood flow. If done regularly, it improves your endurance and heart rate.

  1. Low Impact

Unlike running for example, fitness skating is a much less traumatic sport for your joints, particularly the cartilage in your ankles, knees and hips. The lack of jumping and landing also helps you avoid pain and injury.

low impact
  1. It Helps in Improving Balance

As a skating sport, fitness skating involves a bit of a learning curve. But once you've got the hang of the technique, your sense of balance, flexibility, control and reflexes will develop!

Before experiencing the pleasure of gliding along cycle routes or through town, learn the basics of the sport that is accessible to all.

  1. A Mental Boost

As soon as you've got your skates on your feet and you're gliding along, you'll immediately start feeling better. Fitness skating is done outdoors which helps you clear your head, rid yourself of stress that's built up during the day, and release any pressure as you enjoy a sense of freedom.

mental boost
  1. A Varied Activity

Because it's easy and affordable, fitness skating can be done as a hobby, as a means of getting between home and work, or even as a club activity. It's up to you to choose when and where you want to skate to keep fit!

  1. A Sport for Everyone

Fitness skating is open to everyone: kids and adults, men and women, and experienced athletes and complete novices. You can adapt your skating to suit your own abilities. It's the perfect activity for having fun with family or friends.

  1. Feeling Good in Body & Mind
  1. A Social Link

Although fitness skating is an individual sport, it's often done in a group which creates social links and helps you meet people who share the same passion. You'll even find regular, large-scale skating events that bring together thousands of participants.


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