Come on, take the children skiing and enjoy family time.

How to have a successful skiing holiday with young children? Good organisation, with equipment and skiing lessons, at a pace that suits everyone.

Skiing, ok, but from what age?

From the age of 3, a first approach with suitable equipment is possible.

The most important thing is that it remains a game for children and it follows their pace. They have fun, take their time and there is no pressure for the children or the parents!


We love family skiing! And skiing lessons too!

No need to go too fast. On the contrary, by taking breaks, children and grown-ups will enjoy the day: adults will love seeing the kids enjoy themselves and the kids will last longer on the slopes.

My advice? If you always insist on the fun side of snowsports, without putting pressure on them to be fast or improve their technique, you will see them grow on the snow and enjoy it even more. The main thing is that they enjoy it as much as possible and have good memories of their day on skis.

You best allies for this adventure? Ski instructors and ski lessons. Professional and passionate, they will quickly teach the basic movements and the right attitude to have so that your children are calm and comfortable. And everyone knows that children listen more to their instructor's advice than their parents'!

How to dress children?

To dress your children for the slopes, the 3 layer rule always applies, for you and for your children.


  • A first layer, named "Second skin" provides warmth and comfort whilst wicking away perspiration
  • An insulating layer that keeps warm air from the body in and protects from the cold
  • The last layer is protective and protects from bad weather

As for skiing equipment, short and supple skis are better as they are easy to manoeuvre for them. Footwear should be flexible enough, with one cm extra to support the foot properly. As for poles, choose telescopic ones, your child will be able to use them for a long time. Clever, no?

With all this advice, you will feel ready to take your children skiing with peace of mind. With a little extra: a camera, to remember all those magical firsts.

Are you ready? Click clack, it's in the box!


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