A good adjustment is as important as a good helmet for a great day skiing. Discover how and why with Thierry, product engineer for Wed'ze.

1. Good Adjustment to Guarantee Enjoyment and Safety When Skiing

In a nutshell, and two words: enjoyment and security. Skiing is a way to enjoy yourself, whatever your level. But there can be no enjoyment without security! Badly adjusted bindings means a risk of injury, and holidays cut short or ruined...

Indeed, the length of the skis generate large amounts of twisting and front and back strain on the legs. To avoid injury, mainly of the knees, ski bindings must release the shoe when these efforts exceed your physical capacities. This is what happens when you lose your skis, when you fall for example.

2. How to Adjust Them

The 5 parameters are:

  • the weight of the skier, without any clothes, like at the doctor's
  • the height of the skier
  • the age of the skier
  • their level
  • the outer length of the sole of your shoe.

Depending on these parameters, the standard defines the stiffness of your bindings. This means placing the cursor on the right number in the window on the front and back of the bindings.

Adjust your Ski Bindings

3. The Ideal Adjustment

Wedze: Why have you developed a programme that enable the ideal adjustment of bindings to be set, according to standard ISO 11088?Thierry: Every year, countless people rupture their anterior cruciate ligament in the knee because of badly adjusted bindings. So that everyone can easily find the correct adjustment, we have developed an automatic calculation page that is accessible to our in-store teams and our clients.Everyone can easily check that the values on their bindings are the right ones for their skier profile.

4. Thierry's Advice: Ask A Professional to Adjust Your Bindings

Wedze: What advice would you give skiers? Thierry: I advise that you have your bindings checked by professionals, by our Decathlon Workshop technicians. It is important to adjust the settings to the length of your shoes. Don't forget that the settings can change from one year to the next, or in the same season due to changes in your weight, skiing level, or if you change shoes. Only a professional can guarantee that your bindings will work correctly.


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