1. Are My Skis Already Waxed?

Yes, all skis are already waxed when out of the factory; therefore they are ready for the snow even 6 months after purchasing. For this, all you need to do is store them away from the sun light.

We also recommend you to remove the technical description sticker found under one of your skis before storage.

2. How Long Between The Purchase and The 1st Sliding Without Needing To Wax Again?

Even if you wait 6 months after your purchase to take out your skis, the wax will still be good, as long as you have followed the storage conditions mentioned above.

3. How Many Times Can They Be Used With The Factory Waxing?

Between 5 and 10 uses maximum, depending on the duration of your outings and the wear rate of the base. The decision depends on how you feel and the visible wearing of the base (whitening).

We recommend you to have the best possible slide to protect your base and avoid spinning on the flats.

4. Why Do I Have To Wax My Skis Regularly And When?

  • It is not a smooth surface. It looks like a sponge composed of micro-grooves.
  • Your skis slide on a water film created by the friction of the base and not directly on the snow. 

The reason for waxing is to fill the micro-grooves in order for the base to consume the wax to help the sliding of your skis. The second reason is to protect your base from abrasion due to the friction during your days on the slopes.

If your skis need waxing, you will see your base start to get white indicating that it’s time for another layer of wax on the base of your skis.

5. When Must I Sharpen My Edges?

There is not a recommended time, it is a matter of use conditions. Generally, when doing the maintenance of the end of the season (sharpening/waxing) or at the beginning of the season, sharpening is recommended.  

Then, observe your edges regularly; if you passed over rocks or 'smudges' appear, it is then necessary to sharpen them to preserve a good grip.

Using them on tracks or hard snow involve  the need to sharpen them more regularly (same rhythm as waxing) contrarily to powder snow riders which wears them off less.

How To Store My Skis By The End Of The Day?

  • Use ski fasteners for transportation to avoid the bases from rubbing against the other.
  • Swipe a cloth by the end of the day on your edges to avoid any rusting.
  • Do not store your skis in full sun light on your balcony or patio.


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