You choose a ski mask based on 3 criteria:
Weather, Anti-fogging and Size

1. Weather

All ski goggles offer 100% UV protection

Ski goggles based on weather

FOG AND SNOW: POOR VISIBILITY The screen is clear, yellow in colour to allow a better view of the lie of the land.

Ski goggles for fog

SUN OR CLOUD: GOOD VISIBILITY The screen is dark for optimal visibility.

Good visibility ski goggles

CHANGING WEATHER: CHANGING VISIBILITY Removable screens, photochromatic screens, electro-photochromatic screens to change the screen tint depending on the weather

2. Anti-Fogging

Masks come with an anti-fogging treatment to avoid any inconvenience.

Anti fogging ski goggles

VENTILATED DOUBLE SCREEN For maximum ventilation and anti-fog treatment. Optimal level

Simple screen anti fog goggles

SIMPLE SCREEN With anti-fogging treatment of the inside screen. Essential level

Double screen ski goggles

DOUBLE SCREEN With anti-fog treatment, with an insulating air pocket creating a thermal filter. High-performance level

3. The Size

S: for children and thin facesL: for wide faces If you normally wear glasses, go for OTG models (Over The Glasses), designed to be worn with glasses.


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