To do so, follow these steps when putting on and tightening your ski boots. A procedure which will make it easier to correctly tighten ski boots and the famous buckles!

  1. Open the boot completely by pulling the tongue forward.
  2. Put on the boot by correctly and flatly positioning your foot on the sole before placing the tongue against your shin bone.
  3. Do up the bottom buckles which support the instep.
  4. Place the strap around the calf without tightening it fully, just enough to hold the tongue.
  5. Do up the top buckles, which hold the boot to the calf and shin bone, without compressing them.
  6. Permanently tighten the top strap.
  7. Test the boot by pressing on the front with your shin bone to ensure that the heel does not come away from the inside of the boot, and that your calf is not cutting.

Now that you know how to correctly tighten your ski boots, don't wait to hit the slopes! 


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