There’s no skiing without ski poles – but how do you know which ones to buy? Here's all you need to know…

Choosing your ski poles isn’t tricky, you just need to consider three things: size, the handles, and the basket (that’s the ‘basket’-shaped bit that fans out around the bottom of the pole).


To see if a ski pole is the right size for you, turn it upside down so that the grip is touching the floor and hold it vertically with your hand under the basket – basically, form an angle of 90° with your forearm. We recommend that you do this with your knees slightly bent while wearing your ski boots. If the angle is less than 90°, try a shorter pole. If the angle is greater, get a longer pole.


Wed’ze offers 4 different types of handles

FOAM Light & comfortable DUAL-MATERIAL Easy to grip SINGLE-MATERIAL Good for durability LONG Better up/down versatility, ideal for ski touring


LARGE DIAMETER Go big or go home if you’re a powder fan, as a large basket will stop you sinking in the snow as much. SMALL DIAMETER A small basket is best for skiers who love speed and groomed slopes, as it’s light and offers good precision. MEDIUM DIAMETER With this size of basket you can easily switch between all-mountain and groomed slops, slope edges, and powder. CHECK OUR RANGE OF SKI POLES
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