Wish for a sweet nostalgic return to your childhood days? Its ardently interesting when such a fun return helps you boost up your muscles, do a good cardio and release your stress. That’s what Jumping jacks are for. Jump up high with your hands wide and a smiling face, there you go pumping up a happy heart and muscles with a trivial childhood play, you are just one workout away from a good fun mood!

In this busy world people struggle to make time, out of their hectic schedule, to go to a gym and do exercises. But our lifestyle has tamed as in such a way that sports and exercise becomes an integral part of our everyday life. We drown deep into the vast ocean of work and ignore our health, physically as well as mentally. But this doesn’t suffice for a happily ever after. It is important to keep in mind that health is always our wealth, and without that every bit of our life is a luminous hallow.  To live a meaningful life, we ourselves should immensely involve in sports activities and exercises to boost up the power which resides in our body and mind. Jumping jacks is a life hack that everyone apart from the constraints of age, should make a part of their life. Its less time consuming and healthy, the best combo anyone needs.

Jumping Jacks Meaning: What are Jumping Jacks?

Jumping jacks is a calisthenics workout where you have to jump up widen your leg, either hands up or in a clapping position return back and repeat. Sounds pretty cinch right? But the rigorous calisthenic moves do beget your muscles to endure high pain and contraction, because summer bodies are always build in the winter.

There are numerous benefits of doing jumping jacks. The jumping jacks exercise may sounds easy breezy, but it is important to do it in the right way to boost up your health in the right way. Before getting into the jumping jacks exercises, it is vitally important to be aware about the jumping jacks benefits. Because we are in a barter relationship with exercises, know the benefits of jumping jacks, set the goal, tally it up, push yourself…. when its crystal clear what you want and what it gives.

Jumping jacks exercise might ring as fairly fun and walk over exercise for you, but the treasure box of health benefits it opens up is vast and precious. It’s thrilling when trivial life hacks gives you healthy surprises. So here you go, just a few fishes from a vast and never ending ocean. Now, let us explore what are the benefits of jumping jacks.

What Are The Benefits Of Jumping Jacks?

Let us take a quick look at the benefits of doing jumping jacks exercise. We have tabulated here the advantages of jumping jacks along with the different types of jumping jacks that you can do as part of your workout.

S. No. Benefits Of Jumping Jacks How To Do Jumping Jacks
1 Burning your calories Traditional form of jumping jacks
2 Healthy heart Alternate jumping
3 Tone up your muscles Front clap and upper clap jumping
4 Stress relief Bend your knees push up your muscles
5 Weight loss Split jack
6 Increasing height Squat jack
7 Reducing breast size Plank jumping jack
8 Build leg strength Push up jumping jack
9 Increase bone density Burpee jack
10 Improved coordination Hop jack

Let us now look at the jumping jacks benefits in detail to understand more about the same. 

1. Burn Your Calories 

Imagine jumping up and down burning up your calories! Sounds astounding right? But that’s true and not a daydream. Jumping hacks when done right is the best exercise to burn up your calories. It burns about 100 calories for every 10 minutes, which is literally a soothing thought for our heart and mind, I guess, to those who are dying up doing back breaking exercises to trim yourself. You’ll love sweating off and balancing your negative energy when the exercise is super fun and healthy.

2. A Happy Heart, A Healthy You

Jumping jacks being a cardio exercise, uses oxygen to meet the energy demands thereby stimulating your heart muscles. The pumping up of heart muscles in turn gives you a relief from the terrible thoughts of a block or stroke. Its striking when you can put a smile on your heart wherever you are. Jumping jacks gives you the flexibility to do the exercise either from your home or gym, which is absolutely a pleasing thought for a non-gym freak who loves their little space and home, dreaming for a healthy life.

3. Tone Up Your Muscles

That’s when jumping becomes the secret of your energy. Crazy! But fact. The planks and positions of doing the jumping jacks tone up your muscles and makes you fit and firm and full of life! Your jumps spread’s your legs apart, hand up your heads, sliding softly to the primary position. So guess what! you are basically moving all the parts of your body literally with just one exercise. The biceps, triceps, calves, chest muscles, heart, hand muscles every bits and pieces of your body muscles are in fine fettle. The toner and stronger muscles makes you look fit, rather than that, late for bus? Wanna run the hell out from a crazy dog? Yes, your strong muscles suffice it for you, because you run fast when you are super strong!

4. Stressed? Jump Up, Ease Your Stress Out..Simple

The hustle bustle of our busy life has turned our precious life, a pressure cooker, may be a chaotic masterpiece (poetically). It’s really funny, but a consoling struck of realization that a fun and cool exercise of jumping jack can release out the stress stacks of your life so easily. This aerobic exercise releases the happy hormones in our body, the endorphins, thereby reducing your stress and presumption of mental pain. Jump up, stay happy. Amidst the chaos we have put ourselves, our body and mind in to, it is an inevitable part that we should keep our mind happy and body healthy. And jumping jacks is definitely a hack to work on this untouched part of our life.

5. Weight loss

Weight loss is a major goal of most people who work out and exercise. The benefits of jumping jacks include weight loss as this exercise helps burn fat in the abdomen, belly region, arms and legs. It increases your metabolism to help you burn fat and lose weight. Jumping jacks for weight loss is highly effective for most people and helps you burn a whole lot of calories. 

6. Increasing height

Jumping jacks benefits include increasing your height. This exercise helps in reducing the decompressions on your vertebrae and supports the conditioning of the lower body muscles and joints to help in increasing your height. 

7. Reducing breast size

Another one of the benefits of jumping jacks is that it helps in reducing breast size. Jumping jacks help in toning the chest muscles and reducing fat. Instead of taking your hands above your head while doing the jumping jacks exercise, you must bring them in front of your chest for this result. 

8. Build leg strength

Building leg strength is another advantage of jumping jacks. Jumping jacks help in strengthening your hamstrings, glutes, calves, shins, hips and quads which comprise your lower body muscles, hence building more lower body strength. 

9. Increase bone density

One of the major benefits of jumping jacks is that it helps in increasing your bone density. Increased bone density is good for reducing the risk of fractures. High-intensity activities like jumping jacks help the bones in laying down new bone cells and a dense matrix of minerals. 

10. Improved coordination

Other than the multiple muscles in your body, doing jumping jacks benefits your brain too. This exercise requires the coordination of different muscles of your body hence improving coordination, balance and rhythm.

What Muscles Do Jumping Jacks Work?

We have now looked at the benefits of the jumping jacks exercise and it is important for us to know which muscles are worked by this exercise before we look at the ways to do a jumping jack. Jumping jacks is one of the most effective workouts for the overall body. This exercise works the muscles of your arms, legs and core. It is especially beneficial for the muscles of the lower body.

How To Do Jumping Jacks For Beginners (Step By Step)

There are many ways of doing jumping jacks and for each type of jumping jacks exercise, you need to know how to do a jumping jack. Jumping jacks are known to benefit your body in multiple ways and this exercise is good for the muscles of your entire body. Jumping jacks are very advantageous for the lower body muscles. The intensity of each type of jumping jack is different. Here are some of the ways to answer the question of how to do a jumping jack.

1. The Traditional Form 

Jumping is quiet easy, but jumping jacks definitely need some hacks! Though it’s an easy breezy exercise for everyone around, the jumping jacks exercise does need to be done in a systematic and perfect way. Yup! Not as easy as our childhood jump overs. A few tips or steps to do jumping jacks are here for you to begin a super cool healthy workout.

First and foremost, you have to prepare yourself and your body to sweat hard. Mere jumping up and down doesn’t suffice, you are not a child anymore, but can have a systematic childhood (if you love it!).

How To Do Jumping Jacks In A Traditional Form?

The primary and beginners step of doing a jumping jacks are fairly simple.

  • Straight as a stick!

You just have to stand straight. Easy right? but make sure your back is straight, hands are straight, hips over the heels and chin up. Relax your mind and body at first because this is to ease out your stress hormones too…

  • Hands up!

Jump up (not to the clouds!), widen your hands all the way from bottom to top.  Your hand should be above your shoulder width part.

  • Feet’s apart

While jumping part your legs sideways, widen your legs so that it pumps up your blood smoothly.

  • Back to your roots

Now return back to the same position from where you have started. The straight part, with shoulders straight and arms at your side.

  • Again and again till you sweat

Now, continue doing the same things again and again atleast 25 to 30 times, till you sweat your calories out. This reduces your blood pressure and releases happy hormones in our body.

These are the basic steps of performing the jumping jacks exercise. The perks of this is that, with these lucid steps, devoid of any equipment’s, jumping jacks provides you numerous variations in style and posture, to mold your exercise divergent and exciting. Few of the variations are listed below for you to catch upon.

2. Alternate Jumping

How to do?

  • Stand up in the primary position, with your legs straight and closely together. Straighten your back and stand literally like a stick!
  • Now move your left leg front and the left hand up, just as in a position that you are ready to run. Alternately change your legs and hands, as though you are running, but not moving forward ironically.
  • Stretch your hands back and forth while doing the exercise.

3. Front Clap And Upper Clap Jumping

How to do?

  • Stand up in your all time position, legs straight hands on thighs
  • Now jump up by widening your legs apart, clap clap…Yes, clap your hands above your head and make the josh high...!
  • Continue to do the same exercise around 25 times.
  • Now change the position of your hands for a front clap. (never forget to stretch out your muscles while clapping, and yes the inhaling and exhaling is mandatory.)

4. Bend Your Knees Push Up Your Muscles

How to do?

  • To tighten up your thighs and tummy, you have to sweat it out.
  • Start from your primary position keeping your legs closer.
  • Now, bent your knee a little bit, while jumping up and widening your legs. This helps you to push up yourselves firming the strength of your bones.
  • Tighten your thigh muscles while jumping up and down, which helps in trimming up the muscles.

Tips to Remember

  • While doing, you have to inhale in the starting position and exhale while spreading your legs.

Tips: keep your tummy pulled back while inhaling and release while exhaling, this helps you in burning up your tummy fats along with your muscles, trimming up your fit and gist tummy. Be sure you tense your core muscles, or else your pain will be gone vain.

  • The next step is to make a V shape out of your posture. Place your feet together and arms alongside. Quickly raise your arms overhead while simultaneously jumping on your feet on either side. Make an inverted V shape with your legs with every jump. Repeat this at least 10 to 20 times. (never forget to inhale and exhale, and give your muscles the push).

Tips: Remember to wear shoes to avoid injuries or slipping. Put on the most comfortable clothes because you have other muscles to point your focuses on.

This is how you can do jumping jacks in four different ways. It is a pretty cool exercise that everyone can clinch upon, to love their body and health. It’s akin to the sport activity of skipping ropes, which we used to do when we were kids. Exercises become fun, when its related to your childhood memories. And when exercises become fun, your will to do it becomes passionate, this leads to your body being healthy and mind happy. So build your wellness rather than treating your illness. Hurry up! jump up to a healthy and happy life with Jumping jacks.


As we conclude this article on jumping jacks exercise, we hope that this article might have helped you understand jumping jacks better and also know why you must add this exercise to your workout routine. This is one of the easiest and most effective exercises that you can do at home and do not need much equipment for. Jumping jacks has a lot of benefits too as we read above and we hope this exercise will now be a regular feature of your workouts for staying fit and in shape. 


While we have shared with you all the major details related to jumping jacks, there might still be a few questions that you have regarding the same. In this section, we will be answering some of the most commonly asked questions related to this exercise to help you clear your doubts and answer your queries if any. 

How many calories does jumping jacks burn?

Jumping jacks helps you burn calories depending on your body weight. The calories burned in jumping jacks for a person weighing around 50 or 60 kg might be around 8 calories per minute. For a person weighing around 100 kg, the calories burned in jumping jacks per minute might go up to 16. 

How many jumping jacks burn 500 calories?

Burning calories with jumping jacks is easy. You can burn up to 100 calories with 500 jumping jacks. For burning 500 calories with jumping jack exercise, you might have to do a total of 2500 jumping jacks. 

How many jumping jacks per day?

You can start with 10 sets of jumping jacks each day and go on to 25 sets each day as you progress with your workouts. 

How many jumping jacks to lose 1 kg?

1 kg is approximately 7700 calories and to burn the same you will have to do around 40,000 jumping jacks. 

Does jumping jacks reduce breast size?

Yes, jumping jacks exercise helps you in reducing breast size. 

Does jumping jacks increase height?

Yes, jumping jacks helps you increase your height by some inches. 

Does jumping jacks reduce belly fat?

Yes, jumping jacks helps reduce your belly fat as well. 

Is jumping jacks cardio?

Yes, jumping jacks is a cardiovascular exercise.

Can I do jumping jacks during periods?

Yes, you can do this exercise when you are on your periods and there is no scientific logic that proves you must not do jumping jacks during your periods. 

What is jumping jacks related to?

Jumping jacks is a part of plyometrics or jump training. This is a total body workout which is a mix of aerobics and resistance work.

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