Today, women are not the only ones who want to take care of their figure. And yes, men are paying increasing attention to their weight and many want to go on a diet. Their primary motivation? Their looks! Staying slim to stay beautiful, this is their goal.

Gentlemen, if you also want to lose a few pounds to look great but also take care of your health and maintain your fitness, here is some useful advice for you to follow.

1. Men and Women, Different Bodies

It is worth bearing in mind that men have a much more developed muscle mass than women. Indeed, men have 7 to 8 kg more muscle, i.e. an average of 1 kg of muscle eliminates an extra 18 kcal per day at rest! As you will have realised, they burn more calories per day than women, which means that they can lose weight faster.

In addition, they tend to snack less than their female counterparts. Unfair but true! In addition, men gain relatively more weight in the upper part of their body (stomach, chin, neck, etc.) A man is generally thought to be overweight if his waist size is between 94 and 102 cm. Beyond this point, he is said to be obese and it's time to go on a diet!

As is the case for women, a solid balanced diet must be found that will not compromise the health of the person's body and mind. The goal is to reduce calorie intake while doing sports regularly. For men, who have a tendency to love junk food, it is not easy but it is quite possible!

2. Eat Healthy

In order to balance your diet, it is advisable to combine slow carbohydrates (cereals, potatoes, etc.) with vegetable fats, proteins with vegetables, cereals with leguminous plants (lentils, dried peas, beans, soya, etc.) or cereals with light proteins (egg, lean ham, etc.) during your meals. Warning: vegetarian or soup-based diets should be avoided by men because they are not quite substantial enough. Finally, you have to balance the meals according to the time of the day.

A Well Balanced Lunch, At lunchtime, when your stomach is crying out for food, resist temptation and eat a balanced meal!

Opt for a sandwich with white meat and wholemeal bread and no mayonnaise. You can also combine meat with vegetables, yoghurt and water.

If you have time to cook, avoid meals with excessive fat and opt for a foil-wrapped meal cooked in the oven or a steamed or wok-fried dish. And if you cannot do without a sauce, try using 0% fromage blanc with chives or lemon for a light sauce. A FULL BREAKFAST To start the day and get in shape, have a hearty breakfast because this is not the time to deprive yourself!

For example, you can eat a quarter of a baguette with butter along with a hot sugar-free beverage and a 100% pure fruit juice and a glass of milk.

If you want to start a more drastic diet, soya milk, cereals, honey, a lean dairy product and an egg will be the right solution.

A LIGHT DINNER This is not the time to give up: the evening meal should be light so your body does not store up fat while you sleep!

You can eat fish, oil seeds (nuts, almonds, etc.) and drink a herbal tea. For those who are not so good at cooking, why not try preparing a simple light and quick meal: pasta with a coulis of fresh tomatoes and a little parmesan cheese.

If you feel like it, you can eat this meal up to 3 times a week.

3. Play Sports

It cannot be repeated enough, but the best way to lose weight is to play sports! This is the ideal solution if your belly is starting to grow and the love handles are emerging. To do this, nothing beats a good session exercising the abs to get a flat stomach. To lose weight effectively, endurance sports are your best solution, especially when practised at medium intensity. Running, cycling, swimming, walking, etc. You choose! To burn fat, nothing beats combining a cardiovascular activity with muscle building. Because muscles need more energy than fat, a muscular body will burn off calories more efficiently.

Finally, the key to success is practising sports on a regular basis, i.e. 2-3 hours of sports per week minimum. Pluck up your courage and you are guaranteed to see results!

Here's The Calisthenics Workout To Lose Weight

4. Resisting Temptation

When you go on a diet, the key is obviously being able to "RE-SIST". Indeed, it will not be easy but it's the price to pay for losing a few pounds. You can easily compensate for your frustration thanks to the sport.

Our advice for resisting temptation:

  • If you have a craving between meals or if you are used to taking a snack, choose fruits, cereal bars or protein-rich food such as ham
  • Just before a meal, avoid drinking alcohol as much as possible. Rather than having some peanuts, eat surimi sticks or carrots
  • Reduce your consumption of bread and cheese that should only be part of one meal a day
  • Eat fish wrapped in foil at least three times a week, it's very good for diet and health
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid feeling hungry


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