Are you ready for a change? A change for your body? Get the best toned fit and firm body through this full body workout, Plank exercises.

Plank exercises can be both hard and easy. It depends on what you opt for. But it’s workouts. Never restrain yourself from opting the hardcore one for the best results! A plank exercise is a core strengthening workout were we maintain a posture similar to that of a normal push up, with variations. These exercises are considered the best for any person even with a lower back pain as it is devoid of any bending or twisting. So before diving into the steps and variations, it is cardinal to know about plank exercise benefits. (always a key in tempting as to work it out). A 5 minute plank can sprinkle magic to your body and health.

Benefits Of Plank Exercise

  1. Boosts Up Your Metabolism

Our bust schedules have left us with nothing less than as sedentary lifestyle. But this plank exercise helps you in burning more calories compared to other regular crunches or sit ups. It activates our muscles and thereby boosts our metabolic rate throughout the day, keeping you fresh and active.

  1. The "Hulk" Muscles

Each of us wish to be our own versions of Hulk, with those hard muscles and strength. Plank poses are the core stabilizing exercises which strengthens our muscle mass in our body. A 5 minute plank exercise daily can strengthen the shoulder muscles, leg, chest and back in an effective not only help us shedding the muscles from waist line, but also improves the muscle mass, leaving us strong and healthy with those little bumps in our arms.

  1. Improve Flexibility

You stretch your shoulders, hamstrings and other muscles while doing a plank pose, which simultaneously improves your all around flexibility of the body and muscles.

  1. Stress Out, Mentally And Physically

Most of all workouts serves this part of enhancing our mood. Easing out your stress is something that we all thrive for in this chaotic life and it is one among the major plank benefit. The pose stretches our muscles, thereby it releases the stiffness due to lack of physical activity and also releases the happy hormones. Thus helps us relax both mentally and physically.

  1. The Posture You Always Dreamed Of

Everyone has a dream of achieving a fit and firm posture and structure. The plank workout helps in enhancing a better posture by ensuring that the spine, mid and upper body muscles are strong and structured.

  1. Abs In Fire

While doing a plank, you give your core a heavy strain. Apart from strengthening your core muscles it gives you strong abdominal muscles by burning out the excess fats. Thus it tones up your abs gifting it the perfect structure it needs, may be a six pack.

  1. Maintain Balance

Performed in toes and elbows, planks help you in finding the center of gravity which you need to balance your body. Once you find a perfect balance through repeated exercise, this benefits you in multiple ways. It balances your weight, coordination and boosts you up in all sport activities.

  1. Bones Are Hard To Break

It’s proven that while you perform a plank exercise, novel living bone tissues are created. This results in healthier and stronger bones. The flexibility of the workout also enhances the circulation in the joints, which reduces bone cramps or deficiency pains.

  1. Relieves Your Back Pain

Wow! Now that’s soothing.It releases you from the tight octopus’s grabs of continues lower back pains. Usually most of the sit up workouts are not suggested for people who have lower back pain. But in a plank exercise your abdominal muscles are strong and thereby your body becomes less reliant on extensions of back muscles. also, this workout is devoid of twisting and bending which relieves your back from screaming out in pain.

  1. Upgrade You, As An Athlete

Holding up planks for a longer time is a good marker of better endurance. This is a good quality that an athlete requires for almost all sport activities. Apart from that the pace with which you change directions of your planks from side planks to up down planks etc. helps an athlete in applying it in his/her sport life and activities.

How To Do Plank Exercise For Beginners

It is cardinal to perform any exercise in a right and perfect way. Without that workouts are just your pain gone vain. In plank exercise its extremely important to know how to maintain the posture and reps, so that you won’t hurt yourself up, in the rush of building your body. Plank exercise for beginners might be a hard nut to crack, but once we follow these steps in an accurate way, it’s nothing less than a healthy routine for you.

Forearm planks are always beneficial. To do a fore arm plank get yourself through these steps.

  • Lie on the floor, your face facing down with your feet flexed at hip width and toes on the floor
  • Your elbows should be directly beneath the shoulders and forearms touching the floor, akin to a push up
  • Clasp your hands so that your forearms make an inverted V shape
  • Now squeeze your glutes and strain your abs, to keep your body up and belly buttons pulled in
  • Slowly bend your elbows, as though you are shifting your weight from your hands to forearms. Maintain a straight line posture out of your body
  • Hold up for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat.

A plank exercise for a beginner is slightly variant from this one.

  • Instead of your elbows, lie down with your face down and your palms flat on the floor, slightly wider than shoulder width, just like the push up position
  • Your toes should be touching the floor, with straight legs
  • Now maintaining the straight line posture strain your abs and restrain your butts from dipping down. Hold on the pose for 30 to 40 seconds

So hovering above your forearms for a few minute will never suffice for a perfect plank. To make your core stronger and to avail the full benefits you have to adhere to the perfect posture. Now stick your butt in the air tone your healthy abs in a crazy way.

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