It may appear overwhelming to carry on a workout without a gym, but skipping rope is one of the simplest and most productive home exercises. This exercise tones your calf muscles, tighten your core, increases stamina, and improves aerobic capacity.This article will teach you about the best skipping rope you must buy yourself. 

5 Best Skipping Ropes in 2022, According to Fitness Enthusiasts

Choosing a skipping rope is not a piece of a cakewalk. It’s important to understand for what purpose you need the skipping rope.Below is a table of the 5 best jump ropes in India, each having its own advantage.

Rank Product Affordability Best for
1 DOMYOS - Skipping Rope Weights Rs. 299 Weighted skipping rope
2 DOMYOS - Fitness Skipping Rope JR100 Rs. 99 Skipping rope for gym
3 CORENGTH - Corength Speed Skipping Rope Pro Black Rs. 1899 Adjustable skipping rope
4 DOMYOS - Kids Skipping Rope Rs. 99 Skipping rope for kids
5 DOMYOS - Speed Skipping Rope Black Rs. 799 Skipping rope for cross-training

  1. DOMYOS Skipping rope weights

 If you are an advanced skipper, this is the best skipping rope. Using this rope requires prior experience. Weighted handles and thicker cables in this rope are excellent for simultaneously increasing pace, strength, and stamina.

  • Size: 50g, 100g, 64g.
  • Intensity - high intensity
  • Place of practice - indoor, outdoor
  • Price: Rs. 299 

  1. DOMYOS Fitness Skipping Rope JR100

As there are no bearings in this skipping rope it will be helpful if you learn for the first time. Ideal for gym, you can skip at lower speeds. An ergonomic handle with texture will give you a good grip while skipping. It is the best jump rope in India with a height adjustment system. 

  • Level of practice - beginner
  • Frequency - occasional
  • Intensity - low intensity
  • Place Of Practice - indoor
  • Price: Rs. 99  

  1. Corength Speed Skipping Rope Pro Black 

Ideal for advanced level users and perfect for cross training, this is the best jump rope in India. The ball bearing system of the skipping helps in swift rotation. It comes with an aluminium grip; therefore, no chances of slipping away! You can adjust the rope length as well. 

  • Level of practice - advanced
  • Main material  - steel
  • Rotary mechanism  - ball bearing system
  • Price: Rs. 1,899 

  1. DOMYOS Kids Skipping Rope - Blue

If you are that person who likes to skip once in a week then this is best skipping rope for you! Best for low-intensity workouts, you can easily store this skipping rope and even carry it wherever you go. You can start building your pace and stamina with a simple rope like this. 

  • Level of practice - beginner
  • Intensity - low-intensity
  • Place of practice - indoor
  • Price: Rs. 99

  1. DOMYOS Speed Skipping Rope Black

This is the best jump rope in India if you are at an advanced level. Domyos speed skipping rope is perfect for doing double jumps swiftly. This skipping rope is quite light, and the handle gives a firm grip!

  • Level Of Practice - beginner
  • Price: Rs. 1,899

These Benefits of Skipping Ropes are sure to convince you to buy one

If you are thinking of starting skipping but are wondering about its advantages, then we have your back! Below are some of the benefits of skipping ropes that you can consider.

Effective cardio

Skipping rope has been one of the best aerobic activities you can do if you want to lose weight. This is because it requires multiple muscle groups to operate simultaneously.

Improves agility

Correct jumping ropes form entails moving from the ball of the foot, which aids in the development of good foot movement and quickness. This advantage of jump rope equates particularly well to sports that require rapid direction changes. 

Enhances coordination

Skipping rope necessitates a great deal of coordination. This strong level of collaboration may feel extremely difficult initially, but commit to it and your standard skills will enhance.

Skipping Rope Buying Guide: How to pick the best skipping rope?

There are several kinds of skipping ropes, each with its own set of advantages. With so many different styles to choose from, purchasing a skipping rope can be challenging. Consider your level of experience or the exercise you intend to perform when selecting a jump rope from the best skipping rope brand in India. 

Skipping Rope Types

There are different types of skipping ropes available in the market. Whatever skipping rope you choose would depend on the goal you have set for yourself. Every type has its use so you need to understand that before buying since choosing the right skipping rope is important. 

  • Basic skipping ropes are designed for people just getting started with skip rope. They are inexpensive while still providing an effective exercise.
  • Speed jumping ropes are lightweight and designed to move quickly. They're made up of a thin vinyl cables and best suited for indoor activity. Because of the quick speed, these exercises can be intense. 
  • Weighted jumping ropes not only work your arms but also enhances shoulder strength. The excess weight necessitates more energy and effort. Expert jumpers typically prefer weighted jump ropes. 

Length of the jumping ropes 

You must ensure that the jump rope you have chosen is the correct length.

Step on the centre of your skipping rope to see if it's the right length. Pull the rope up and around your shoulders. The rope, not the handles, should come into contact with your underarms. 


Jumping ropes are the most convenient cardio exercise for which you do not need a gym! All you require is some space to swing the rope safely without hitting any furniture or trinkets. By now you have understood the benefits of skipping rope and the factors to consider while purchasing the skipping rope. Make sure you get skipping rope from the Decathlon best skipping rope brand in India. 


Which skipping rope is best?

DOMYOS Speed Skipping Rope is the best skipping rope brand in India. This skipping rope was designed specifically for cross-training. Ideal for practising double unders during cross-training workouts.  You can easily speed up your workouts.  

What is the ideal length of skipping rope?

As a basic rule, choose a jump rope that is three feet taller than you to make sure that it is not too long or too short. If it is too long or too short, you might get injured. 

How does skipping rope help?

It helps in strengthening your core muscles as it engages different body muscles. Skipping rope can enhance your cardiovascular health, muscle and bone strength, and coordination and balance. 

How to adjust the Decathlon skipping rope?

Stand in the middle of the rope. Pull the rope up and keep the handles steady. The top of the handles must reach below the armpit. Then adjust the rope length. 

How to check the length of the skipping rope?

Pull the rope up and around your shoulders. The rope, not the handles, should come into contact with your underarms. Make sure it’s not too short or long, then you might injure yourself. 

Which skipping rope is best for beginners?

DOMYOS - Kids Skipping Rope is the best skipping rope for beginners.  The length of a simple jump rope can be altered to fit any person. Ideal for learning to skip rope and making cardio enjoyable and effective.


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