Swim caps, not only keep your hair in place, but also provides hydrodynamics in water so that you may swim faster. Swim caps ensure that your hair does not fall in front of your face while you swim and guarantees pool hygiene.

Nabaiji provides a range of swim caps of 3 different material; mesh cap, sili-mesh cap and silicone cap.

Watch below the points to keep in mind when you choose your swim cap.

1. Swim Cap Size 

The size of your swim cap depends on your head size: 


If your head is more than 56 cm around


If your head is less than 56 cm around

2. Mesh Swim Cap

It is easy to put on and comfortable. Similarly, it is ideal for people who want to feel comfortable in their swim cap. However, it is not very watertight and may move during diving. 

3. Silicone Mesh Swim Cap

Slightly more watertight, it is also easy to put on. It lets less water in, thanks to its silicone coating. However, it may still move during diving. 

4. The Silicone Swim Cap

It is much more watertight and stable in the water. It is also more difficult to put on, but once you put it on it remains firm and adjusts well on your head.

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