Chlorine resistant, one-piece swimsuit, U-shaped, X-shaped or O-shaped back... It can be difficult to choose the right swimsuit for a young girl.

Nabaiji is here to offer some advice on how to make the right choice.

The Type of Swimmer your Daughter is


Your daughter is an advanced level swimmer if she is accustomed to the water and know all the four-strokes. She is swimming to perform and take part in competitions

Your daughter is a beginner swimmer if she is just dipping her toes in the water world and starting the sports. She is swimming to learn.

Your daughter is an intermediate swimmer if she has gotten used to the water world and know 3-4 strokes. She is swimming to improve her techniques and get better.

1. Beginner Level

A beginner swimmer is one who can swim 1-2 strokes and is looking for comfort and ease as they swim.

If your daughter is just starting her swimming lessons and is new to the aquatic world. A U-Back swimming costume is ideal for these as it is easy to put on the swimming costume from the top. At Nabaiji, we also offer semi-covered and full- covered swimming costumes in case you are looking for something more modest and prevents a tan.

We also have skirts that cover the bottom if required. However, it is important to remember that a swimming costume that covers the hands and shoulders may be a hindrance as your child try to improve their strokes.

2. Intermediate

If your daughter is now familiar with the water world and learnt swimming and outgrown her previous swimsuit, opt for a comfortable swimsuit in which she will feel at ease.

An intermediate swimmer is one that can swim 3-4 swim strokes and is looking for a swimming costume that ensures stability to improve your swimming. For this, an ideal swimming costume is a shorty that holds on to the thighs and does not move too much on the body, thus not disturbing your daughters swim practice. A swimsuit with open shoulder or sleeveless is ideal for your daughter to perform her strokes.


3. Advanced

If your daughter knows how to swim well and is an advanced swimmer, she needs a swimsuit that is ultra-resistant to chlorine.

An advanced swimmer is one that can swim all the 4 strokes and is either training or looking to participate in competitions. Advanced swimmers ideally look for a swimming costume that is compact and barely covers the body to ensure ease in glide, better speed and swimming as a whole. For this, Nabaiji offers a range of V-cut swimming costume that is minimal on the legs.

The cross back ensures support and that the swimming costume does not move as your daughter swim. It is sleeveless so that your daughter can perform her strokes with complete ease without any material coming in the way.



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