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Chelston Pinto

Sport Leader at Decathlon, Founder of Rapid Fitness
Cross Trainer, Footballer, Traveller

- Certified Fitness Coach - Online Training & Nutrition Plan - Footballer - Travel & Adventure Junkie - Founder of @rapidsportfitness"


"Driven. That's what our 27-year-old Chelston is. Both inside and outside the gym, all the time. He was born and raised in Mangalore and currently resides in Bangalore. He's floated through corporates and businesses but his love for sports overshadowed the worldliness in him and translated well into his career in Decathlon where he is for 4 years now. He is passionate, powerful and progressive. To as far as he can remember, he's always been into sports. His sports career started as a Footballer. He represented the state in the U15, U17 (captain), U19 and senior level (ongoing). Today he trains over 200 athletes across 10 different training centres in Bangalore and outside including his own, ""Rapid Fitness!"" "

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He's Hardcore - Chelston Pinto

Driven! That's what our 27-year-old Chelston is. Today he has 10 training centers in Bangalore and outside, training over 200 athletes. A few tips from him is worth hearing.

Chelston Pinto
May 20, 2019
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