1. Definition Of Sports

The dictionary indicates that sport is a physical activity governed by rules, which can be either individual or collective. Pierre de Coubertin considered that "Sport seeks fear to master it, fatigue to conquer it, difficulty to overcome it."

After all, sport is a question of perspective, motivation and desire. This is why there is such a wide variety of sports : team or solo, aggressive or gentle, prestigious or economical, traditional or unusual. Did you know, for example, that chess and poker are considered sports?

The real question is : what does sport mean for you? What do you want from sport? We'll give you a few ideas.

2. Different Sport Disciplines

It's impossible not to find something that satisfies you in the vast ocean of sports available. Just a glance at the Decathlon website is enough to discover an impressive number : I stopped counting once I got past 200.

In no particular order, there are racket sports (tennis, squash, badminton…), team sports (football, handball, rugby…), combat sports (boxing, fencing, wrestling…), motor sports (formula 1, rallycross, supercross…)… The list goes on, seemingly forever.

Some of these sports are complementary : we can't recommend enough that you combine cardio exercise, such as walking or running, and an activity that focuses more on muscle strength.

3. How Do I Practice A Sport?

Exercise requires physical effort and/or mental effort : lounging on the sofa can't be considered a sport, however fast you channel hop. To call yourself"sporty", you need to get up and move at least a little. That means committing to do things outside of your everyday activities!

The recommendations of the W.H.O. (World Health Organisation) on exercise according to age are as follows:

  • From 5 to 17 years, at least 60 minutes daily of moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical exercise that will stimulate the child's cardiac activity, and an activity to strengthen muscle and bone at least 3 times a week.
  • From age 18 upwards, 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity activity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity, and up to 300 minutes a week for additional health benefits.

Between me and you, I recommend trying out several sports, to find the one that suits you best:you don't have to stick with curling all your life. And don't hesitate to speak to a doctor before starting your sport.We care about your heart!

4. Sport: Also A Question Of Intensity And Age

Exercising at 20 years old is not the same as exercising at age 60 or 70 : your body changes in the course of your life and reacts differently. You need to adapt. Look out though : it's not impossible that you'll be overtaken by a senior citizen on your weekly jog... but that's no reason to get discouraged and stop being physically active at all. Quite the opposite! The body is a machine that needs oiling regularly so that it can work its best : sport will be your fuel.Learn to listen to yourself, and stay active.

Sport lets you have it all : a moment for yourself, your body and your well-being. Now that things are clearer in your head, are you attracted to one sport in particular? Do you need more information about an activity? We're here to help.

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