However, exercising everyday can in fact be totally counterproductive, or even frankly dangerous for your body. Let me explain why.

exercising everyday

Practicing on a Regular Basis is Essential to making progess

In all sports, it is necessary to practise on a regular basis in order to progress. It is preferable to practise three times a week for 1 hour, rather than once a week for 3 hours.

The key to long-term progress lies in regularly practising your favourite sport.

But you also need rest, which is what we will look at in the next point.


taking rest between exercise

Rest: An essential part of Training

Your body needs to rest in order to top up with energy and become efficient again. Sports that demand a lot of energy and are tough on the body, like running or body-building, demand a schedule that includes lengthy periods of rest.

Let’s take the example of body-building. When you work out, you break up the muscular fibre in the part of the body that you exercise, which is why you sometimes ache after an intensive session. Without even mentioning diet, it is necessary to allow your body some time to rest in order to repair the muscular fibre. It would be quite counterproductive to insist on the same muscular group, and can even cause injury.

As we say so often, listen to your body! As a general rule, and excepting top-level athletes, you should not practise your favourite sport too intensively more than three or four times a week.

trying gentle sport

For Sports Addicts: Why not try a more "gentle" sport?

Despite our advice, you can’t help yourself! You absolutely need your daily dose of sport. In this case, why not alternate with another activity that is not so tough on your body?

During the periods of rest that we mentioned earlier, you can practise a sport for completely different reasons. Yoga, the Pilates method and walking are all “gentle” activities that complement more intensive sports perfectly. Your main sporting activity may even benefit from these other activities.

More supple muscles, increased endurance... Try it!

In addition to checking the intensiveness and frequency of your sessions, you also need to sleep and eat well and to remain well hydrated to optimise your performance.

Remain measured in all you do, and listen to the signals that your body sends you.So how often do you work out?

Have you already been injured by overdoing things? Share your experience and comments with us.


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