For sports lovers, there is nothing more frustrating than giving up their favourite pastime due to back pain or lumbago...But there are plenty of sports that can help people with back pain. Let’s take a look at them, and at some exercises that can help to strengthen this particular part of the body.

1. The Best Sports for the Back

Best sports for backache

Instead of gulping down loads of drugs in order to continue a sport that hurts your back, it is sometimes better to face up to the truth and look for something else to do. Fortunately, there are numerous options, and the sports we are about to look at will offer you an opportunity to keep on exercising.  

-Nordic walking: not the first activity that comes to mind when you think of sport, but Nordic walking offers a number of advantages: getting out into the fresh air, burning up visceral fat, toning up the leg and arm muscles thanks to the walking sticks, etc.

By taking more smaller steps, instead of long steps, you will protect your spine in the best way possible.

-Cycling and swimming : in both of these activities, the body does not touch the ground. They are both excellent for the back, which is subject to neither impacts not pressure.

Swimming also helps to build up back muscles, especially the crawl and backstroke.

-Pilates : opt for a gentle form of sport with the Pilates method. Designed to exercise the body’s deep muscles, the Pilates method will take great care of your back, while strengthening it at the same time.

2. How to Strengthen and Take Care of Your Back Through Sport

In addition to the sports I have just mentioned, there are several other ways to take care of your back and to reduce the aches and pain. And the best way is prevention!  

  • Core muscles: Building up your core muscles will strengthen your deep abdominal belt, offering considerable relief to your back.
  • Stretching: We often forget our stretching exercises after a work-out, but they do help to conserve the muscles and significantly reduce pain, especially in the long term. Your back will be grateful!
  • Arching your back: Cats have got the right idea. By arching your back both ways, you will protect its elasticity and stave off the pain.  

By following my advice, your back pain should gradually go away. If the pain is persistent, seek medical advice. If you have any sporting tips on how to combat back pain, then please share them with us.


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