Exercise Goals: Which Sport to Choose?

So you've finally made up your mind to practice a sport this year? However, despite your abundant motivation, you don't know what to choose. Team sport or individual sport? In a club at home? To muscle up or slim down? Come on, we'll help you find your way around the huge choice of activities available.

1. Choosing Sport for Slimming

slimming exercises

Generally, slimming is the top motivation when people start exercising, whether they want to prepare their beach body or just stay healthy.

2. Choosing Sport for Fun

punching bag

This is why gyms have heaps of activities that don't even feel like exercise, such as RPM (cycling with an instructor), body jump (jumping on a mini trampoline), piloxing (a mixture of boxing, dance and Pilates) or the famous zumba.

Once again, running has its place here : it's the ideal way to clear your head and get outdoors (in a park, in the woods, around a lake, etc.).

Racket sports such as squash, padel or tennis are also a fun way to get a workout.

3. Choosing a Sport to Build Muscle 

Gym bench

Who hasn't dreamed of sculpted legs, visible abs or bulging pecs? To get these results, you need to head for the weights room!

When you're starting out, it's essential to get guidance from a certified trainer, who will tell you how to move correctly, and set up a personalised and progressive programme according to your needs. It would be a shame to hurt yourself when you've only just started training. After several weeks of weights, the difference in your body will be visible.

You can also choose rugby, the ultimate impact sport, which builds muscle on numerous parts of the body:the shoulders, arms, back, buttocks, abs and legs. Dance is effective for building muscle and improving your posture.

Considered two of the most comprehensive sports, swimming and running can also help you gain muscle in a well-balanced way.

4. Choosing Sport for Relaxation

Yoga mat

Doing sport isn't just about sweating buckets or jumping all over the place. It can also be for relaxation. If you want to wind down after a long day but still improve your physique, choose yoga or Pilates : these two activities, which are relatively similar, require great concentration and deep reflection about the correct use of your body.

Hiking, which combines walking and discovering your environment, is also excellent for relaxation.

5. Choosing Sport to do Without Equipment 

It is possible to do sport without blowing a hole in your budget! Consider sports that are almost free(except for the indispensable equipment you need to buy), such as running or Nordic walking : a good pair of shoes, shorts and a T-shirt, and the kilometres are yours! You can also work out at home with next to nothing : a skipping rope, an exercise mat, a pull-up bar…

Skipping rope

6. Choosing a Group Sport 

Nothing will motivate you to get moving more than joining a club.There's bound to be an organisation near you that will allow you to join a team:football (almost 2 million club members in France), handball (over 500,000), rugby (almost 400,000 players) or basketball (over 600,000 players).You'll struggle to find a better atmosphere.

Clubs are also the best way to work your competitive spirit, because they allow you to participate in tournaments, take on other teams, or even play in championships...


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