Sport, generator of good mood! While we often tend, and rightly, to sing the praises of physical activity for the good functioning of the body, we sometimes forget that its benefits for the mind are also very important.

Are there sports that feed more confidence and morale than others? Why do you feel euphoric after sports? How to reach this fullness? All these questions we'll answer.

1. Why is Sport Good for the Morale?

It's scientifically proven: doing sport delivers a concentrate of pleasure to your body and mind. The reasons? On one hand endorphins, also called pleasure hormones, which are released by the brain during and after sports, and on the other hand thanks to the simultaneous decrease of stress hormones.

It is after 30 minutes of sport that endorphins are released in the body, acting like a real morphine. Its effects are multiple: slight euphoria, reduced feeling of pain and fatigue, anxiolytic effects, tiredness, flight etc

What Sport to Practice for Morale?

We want to answer: all! Indeed, whatever sport you practice or envisaged, all will boost your morale. The important thing is not to oblige oneself to anything and to approach things with envy: it has been proved that visualizing the sporting practice in a positive way helped to better live the activity in question and allowed to get more benefits from it than by dragging your feet.

  • Setting goals, whatever they are, will also have strong positive virtues for your well-being. Weight loss, preparation for a race, reaching a ranking ... You will find a thousand and one ways through the sport to motivate you, to see you progress and therefore to be simply happy. Because happiness is manifested as much, by the way, to go once the goal is reached (old proverb)!
  • Finally, and in order for addiction to take precedence over pleasure, we advise you not to exceed the hour of daily practice, at a rate of 4 to 5 times a week. The WHO (World Health Organization) also recommends making 30 minutes of equivalence of brisk walking a day: layer yourself at least on it!

You no longer have any reason not to play sports. You will be better in your skin, both physically and mentally! 

And you, did you see a difference in your morale by putting yourself to sport?


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