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Shaikat Das

Crossfit Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Sports Nutritionist and founder of Mettle Fitness Studio
Bodybuilding, Weightlifting, Cross Training, Nutrition

Crossfit Level-1 Certification, Olympic Weight-Lifting Certification (Russian Technique by Dimitry Klokav)


Shaikat was always driven to fitness as if by a natural instinct and his curiosity surrounding it grew by the day. One thing led to another and Shaikat found himself training people of varied health forms and ages and guiding them towards total fitness, eventually. It was during 2017 that Shaikat realized his need to institutionalize his skills, to be able to reach more people. The result of it was the birth of ‘Mettle Fitness Studio’. At Mettle, Shaikat with his team has established fitness & well-being on the same parallel space.

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Breaking Fitness Myths - Shaikat Das

For him, a fitness regime is not something he needs to push hard for. Over the years he has woven health and wellness with a regularised workout plan, in his very lifestyle.

Shaikat Das
May 20, 2019
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