Today, while the awareness about health has increased, so has the tendency to fall back on one’s unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. It is essential for you to do cardio exercise or hit the gym to remain fit as well as healthy. Usually, a workout is an individual activity, but ever thought of working out with your partner? Yes, workouts can be fun when done with your partner. It helps in increasing the happiness in a relationship, improve the efficiency of your workout, enhance your emotional bond with your partner, and help to achieve your desired fitness goals. Let us look at some of the best fun home workouts for you and your partner:

Side Planks Pass

Planks are effective as they work for your whole body, especially for your pelvic girdle, shoulder and, abdominal muscles. To perform side planks, both you and your partner lay on your side with your face in the same direction. Lean on your right forearm while bringing your hip up. Then stretch your left arm and open your palm. The one who is holding the dumbbell should then slowly bring their hip down and pass the dumbbell to their partner from under their body. Repeat it for 20 times and then change the sides. Note that if you do not have a dumbbell, then you can use a heavy book. 

Squat Holds & Dips

To perform this, you need a bench or a heavy chair. One partner should put their hands on the bench, and the second person grabs their legs and goes into a squat position. The partner who has put their hands on the bench should perform dips (15 dips). Change the position and repeat. Remember, Squats are effective as they help you build your muscles.

Pushup With A High Five

Pushups are effective as they help you build your upper body. To perform this workout, you and your partner should both face each other and go in a squat position. You should perform a complete pushup. When you reach at the top during the pushup, both of you should clap your right hands like a high five. Simultaneously change the sides and repeat this for 60 seconds. This is one of the best fun workouts for you and your partner. 

Twisting With Kettlebell 

This is the simplest workout that you and your partner both can perform at home. Partner twist helps to build your abs and strengthen your muscles. To perform this, both of you should go down on your knees facing on the opposite side so that your backs face each other. One of you should hold the kettlebell (an iron or a steel ball with a handle) and then twist in one direction and pass the bell to your partner. Repeat this for both sides.


Yoga is a simple and effective workout which works towards uniting your mind, body, and spirit. There are many yoga asanas and power yoga which you and your partner both can perform. Some of the simple forms of yoga are partner breathing, twin trees, forward partner fold, buddy boat, etc. 

There is nothing like working out with your partner in the comfort of your own home. You can wear whatever you want and don’t have to feel embarrassed about the awkward positions you will get into while working out. Start burning calories now by using these best workouts for you and your partner. 

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