With the start of 2020, there has been a shift in the working atmosphere. Due to the ever-changing situation today, the world around us is quite volatile. Shutting down of malls, shopping centres, public gatherings and mass events have left us all in a state of turmoil, uncertainty and anxiety. The impact on the worldwide economy, food supply and basic amenities is ginormous. There are hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps millions, taking precautions for the health of themselves, and others around them. The biggest way to ensure this is to self-quarantine, or by practising social distancing. A majority of the population of the world today is currently working from home. Big multinational companies and small-scale industries have all asked their employees to stay away from the office. There is an anxious trial run for at-home work on a grand scale. In the next few months, our actions today could help shape a future of work that might be inevitable in the near future even without a public-health crisis.

Wondering how you can stay active while working from home? It is easy to slack off due to the lack of social stimulation and the temptation of a comfortable bed. Here are some tips and techniques to keep yourself away from getting bored or losing focus.

1.      Plan out your agenda for the whole day:

     Spending time in the morning figuring out what you'll do during the entire day is good for the long run. This is a great work-from-home exercise routine, more specifically exercise for the mind. The temptation to slack off and change your schedule will be very less since the list is freshly and recently prepared. However, let yourself be flexible and let your agenda change if you need it to. Now, it is also important to commit to a schedule once you’ve made it. This schedule should outline every assignment that you’re planning on doing. If you pre-plan from the day before, you wake up the next day to get started on it with a fresh mind.

2.   Keep a Fixed Routine to Follow:

The atmosphere at home is not one to evoke a “working” mood. There should be some healthy habits while working from home, such as creating regular rituals for yourself. You can try and set a constant wake up time in the morning and plan your office work accordingly. You can start your day with a morning jog, followed by a hearty breakfast. Do your office work with fixed break intervals, in which you can refresh your mind by activities like playing darts. At Decathlon, you can find a wide range of dart boards to hang on the door. 

3.      Play indoor games:

It is known that a clear, stress-free workplace leads to higher productivity. One of the successful work-from-home exercise routines (mental exercise) involves playing games such as carrom or chess. Both of these games allow you to spend break-time with your loved ones. It can also rejuvenate you mentally with the strategizing these games require. It is best to buy a 4 mm ply, 1.5 inch border thickness , formaldehyde free wooden carrom board for the best results. At reasonable prices and premium quality, we provide you with the best indoor sports equipment.

4.      Stay Fit with the help of Exercise Equipment:

It is important to learn how to work from home and stay active too. It is a good idea to invest in resistance bands, exercise mats, push-up bars and weights for times when you take a break. You can do practice push-ups, leg exercises and repetitions, using the various equipment to build strength.

5      Move away from the Desk for Food:

There are minor activities to stay active that you can follow. When you leave the workspace and go out into the kitchen or dining room to eat something, it is beneficial because it forces you to get up and walk around more, instead of sitting in the same spot and eating.

6.      Learn On-the-Spot Exercises:

There are many work-from-home exercises routines that don’t require equipment. There are many forms of exercise you can do without leaving the house too, such as yoga, squats and jogging on the spot for a minimum of 30 minutes, three times a week. A good cardio workout can bring the excess calorie uptake down to a minimum! What are you waiting for, grab your gym mat today!

7.      Invest in a “Game-Table”:

This is a new trend that has been a source of fun for everyone. Table tennis and billiards are two activities to stay active and keep moving, all from the safety of one’s home. These activities only require a one-time investment for table tennis or billiard tables and equipment. It is a great way to pass the time in a way that does not involve technology. Not only does your body stay active, but you can also get refreshed by interacting with loved ones. 

8.      Practice in-chair Stretching:

To understand how to work from home and stay active, you should practice chair stretching. The muscles in your neck and back are at risk of becoming stiff. The hamstrings, calf muscles and hip muscles are also highly affected by long hours of sitting at a desk. There can be a strain on the lumbar spine, causing back pain. Invest in a chair that has good arm rest, flexibility in back-rest and a soft cushion, just like the plethora of office chairs available at Decathlon. Simply stretching the hamstrings, triceps and spine, amongst others, provides much-needed relief.

9.      Learn fun routines in Pilates:

Social media is a super convenient way to browse through different pilates workout routines quickly. All you need to have is a foam roller, gym ball and hand dumbbells to start your own workout, all of which can be found at one place itself, Decathlon! To establish healthy habits while working from home, you can start pilates workouts. Activities like doing leg stretches, criss cross, plank leg lift on the workout mat and with dumbbells definitely help you get more toned up!

10.  Don’t make Work a constant, 24/7 at Home:

Since you’re working from home, it is easy to get caught up! However, make sure you establish clear boundaries for a finish time every day. After that, put all of your energy into spending time with your loved ones.

11.  Make work fun with a gym ball:

Working at home can lead to you sitting on a chair for long hours and there are high chances that your chair at home is not ergonomically designed to support your body for long hours. To combat this, one easy fix is to use a gym ball as a chair. When working on a gym ball, your body is constantly moving to adjust to the movement of the ball and this helps increase muscular activation and more importantly helps in developing your core strength. 

An important thing to make sure is your posture, lay back on the ball like on a bean bag and you’d be inviting trouble. Sit up straight and maintain good posture, that’s the key. Also, people working on gym balls claim that they burn more calories doing so. So ditch the chair and get yourself a gym ball from Decathlon and make work lively and enjoyable!

With the help of these significant tips and tricks, you can master the habit of productively working from home during these times of isolation. Global health emergencies should not get in the way of a successful, productive day.

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