You want to lose weight and build muscles?

Unless you're Gandalf or Dumbledore (and as far as we know, neither is a seasoned body-builder), there is no magic spell to make you lose weight and gain muscle. In a way, the two terms are even contradictory, because when you build muscle, you tend to get heavier. Yes, unlucky! Muscle is heavier than fat! Nevertheless, you can still slim down by following a few essential steps. Here are your 3 fitness commandments.


  1. You will follow a healthy diet

When you want to slim down and gain muscle at the same time, diet will play a crucial role.It is even thought that 70% of the physical results depend on what you put on your plate! This means it's very important to eat the right things at the right points in your day.

If you just want to lose weight (even though we know this isn't easy), there's only one real solution : you need to consume less calories than your body is using to function. To do this, we advise eating foods with high satiety value (which fill you up quickly), but which are low in calories : fish, potatoes, whole grain cereals, vegetables, white meat, pulses, low-fat dairy… the list is long, allowing you to eat a varied and enjoyable diet.

However, if you want to build muscle, these recommendations need adapting, because when you lose weight, you also lose muscle! In addition to suitable training (see below), you therefore need to consume foods that help you maintain or even develop muscle mass. For this, proteins are indispensable: eggs, fish (yes, again!), meat, lentils, fromage blanc, etc.

A tip between friends : avoid so-called hyper-protein diets promising that you'll lose 5 kilos a week. Yo-yo effect guaranteed!

do cardio
  1. You will do cardio

As well as a tailored diet, you need to move a little to accelerate weight loss. Or even a lot, for the more motivated among you!

To burn calories quickly, the best exercise solution is still cardio.And there are plenty of choices:running, cycling, elliptical trainer, skipping, rowing machines, walking

Running, for example, allows you to burn 500 to 750 calories per hour .With 2 or 3 sessions a week, you'll soon be feeling the results.

do weights
  1. You will do weights

Losing weight is one thing, but gaining muscle is another. You might even say that the two are diametrically opposed. Nevertheless, it is possible to combine these two objectives : a time for cardio, and a time for strength work.

When it comes to building muscle, you can't avoid the gym : you'll find all the equipment you need there. Ask a personal trainer to design a program adapted to your needs.

You can also build muscle at home using your body weight and a few accessories.

Once again, it's better to get advice from a professional initially, to make sure you're doing the movements right and construct a suitable programme.

By following these three stages, you should lose weight and build muscle. Be patient and work out regularly, and you'll get results. A final word of advice : use your clothes, your mirror and how you feel as gauges of your physical transformation, not your scales.


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