Forget about magic pills and other miraculous quick-fixes you sometimes see in magazines. To get a flat stomach, there are just two hard and fast rules: do sport and eat well! No, don't leave yet! We promise it's not that hard. Follow our tips, stay motivated and we're sure you'll see results. Follow the guide!

1. For a Slim Midsection, Watch What You Eat!

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Before you even start exercising, one of the most important things for success is to eat better. Say goodbye to happy hour snacks, heavy sides and greasy food and say hello to veggies, full grains and legumes, which are high in fibre and great for your digestion.

You can also add a few probiotic-rich foods to your diet, such as yoghurt, pickles, kefir or sourdough bread to improve your digestion.

Generally speaking, choose low-calorie, high-nutrient foods, such as cooked vegetables with lots of fibre that are easier to digest. White meat, fish and starchy foods (in small quantities) are also good options. And remember to eat slowly: this is key to making sure your body digests your food properly.

One last tip: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, especially in between meals, with water, tea and herbal teas.

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To Slim that Tummy, Do More Cardio!

Hang in there - it's for a good cause!

It's easy to think that doing tons of sit-ups will get you a flat stomach. Unfortunately, that's simply not true. Traditional crunches will actually give you more volume, which may not be quite what you're looking for. Instead, try doing planks or side planks: these exercises will work your deep core muscles (iliac, psoas, transverse, obliques) and increase the "flat tummy" effect you're after.

Now you know exactly what you need to do to reach your goal. Be patient and Stay motivated: You're sure to see results.

What are your tips for getting a flat Stomach? Have any pointers to share?


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