Planning weight loss is quiet easy, but cutting back on your calories! Now that’s a challenging one. It’s true that sticking to low calorie foods, intuitively suffice your weight loss regime. But when you put so much effort and these low carb diets fail to support you? That’s really worse. So you have to choose your food wisely. We have a list of best low calorie foods as well as fruits which succors you and keeps you filled all day long. Happy and healthy diet, just for you!

In the journey to lose your pounds, it is equally important to have healthy and sufficient foods. Starving to death and gaining the zero size, is not the way to do it. Not all low calorie foods are good for your endeavor, foods which contain high fiber and protein are important. They keep you filled for longer and stave off the cravings for break time chit chats. Here’s a list of low calorie foods and fruits to attain the divine state of satiety.

Low Calorie Foods And Fruits

  1. Celery

The fresh green veggie is one of nature’s lowest calorie food. The fresh green veggies are always better than the trendy handy celery juices available in market today. Roasted celeries are good in fiber, which is a tool for slowing down your digestion and helping you feel fuller.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are storehouse of both protein and fats. To add on, eggs makes you feel super full and healthy. This low calorie food is one among the easiest and healthiest breakfast option for every morning rusher.

  1. Water Melon

That’s a yummy, juicy treat for your healthy tummy. Water melons are low calorie fruits that you can stick on to when you feel peckish, to curb up those mid-day cravings. The fiber content helps you to suffice the digestion and controls your hunger hormones. The natural sugar in water melons helps reduce the cravings for sweets and savories. now that’s a lot of calories burning out of your body.

  1. Greek Yogurt

A great source of protein that reduces your hunger and boosts up your weight loss. Packing up in it twice the amount of protein compared to that of your normal yogurts, this is the best and all time meal option for you to grab up on. Top it with your favorite fruits, nuts or dry fruits to add on the taste and the proteins.

  1. Oats Meal

Oat meals are always the healthy choice you make for you and your family. Let it be the hazy mornings or fuzzy evenings, this low carb diet munched with some nuts or dry fruits keeps you fitter and fuller all day long.

The soluble fiber in it helps you release the satiety hormones in you.

  1. Berries

Hurry up, catch up some berries, this low calorie fruits are loaded with vitamins, anti - oxidants, fiber and minerals.

The choice is yours, you can choose any berries, let it be strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, or raspberry. Now that’s a lot of options. Berries contain dietary fibers which increases fullness and cut the calorie consumption simultaneously.

  1. Popcorn

We are not kidding! This any time snack of yours is one among the best filling low calorie food to clinch on. thanks to its high fibers which stabilizes the blood sugar level and prevent the hunger cravings of your day.

(Reminding you, the regime is not so easy. We are not talking about the ready- made, high calorie, fat contained varieties of popcorn, but the air-popped popcorns. Choose wisely, or your saver will be your ultimate destroyer!)

  1. Apples 

Not getting in to the age old, but true, words of an apple and doctor. But sticking in to the true part, apple has wonders vested in it. High in fiber and low in sugar plus the added benefit of containing sufficient water an apple is good to curb up your hunger and to keep on munching the crunch.

  1. Hot Tea

Stick on to a hot and warm tea, just after your meal or in between meals, you will automatically feel full without munching on to more calories.

Caffeine (not too much) warms up your belly and your intense desire to eat. And when chosen wisely it supports you on your weight loss endeavor.

Teas like green tea, ginger tea or lime tea, boosts your digestive system and have a low caloric rate compared to normal tea.

  1. Soups

What about some tasty healthy soups? Brush out the rumor that soups don’t fill up your tummy like solid food. We are not discussing about your creamy fancy soups, but the plain veggie soup which contains broccolis, lentils, celeries and all those healthy bits. This satisfies your hunger or the after meal cravings and add on to your weight loss diet. As soups contain healthy veggies, it is sufficient with proteins and fibers and the low carb diet.

  1. Potatoes

Now this low calorie food has undergone a lot of prejudiced statements of being the unhealthy, fat gaining one on your food list. But why to have it with all those fatty stuffs and oils like creams and fries and what not! Keep it plain because this veggie has a handsome amount of fiber in it, which can keep you full for a long time. Not a much favored low carb diet but contains surplus of fiber content. It may be high calories but decreases your appetite still adding to your weight loss goal

  1. Dried Apricots And Raw Almonds

Munch on to some crunchy apricots and almonds from your kitchen for your long winding days.Dried apricots are the perfect option for low-fat snacking. It also contains nutrients like potassium and calcium to boost up your health. almond contains calcium and Vitamin E. Now the blend of both this nut and dry fruit are going to add some satiating fiber to your diet.

  1. Broccoli

The all - time member of your low carb diet sheets. Broccoli is known to be rich in dozens of nutrients including high fiber content. This is a low calorie food that anyone can grab on to when in a diet or the other way. It’s packed tightly with all essential nutrients which adds to our satiety. Broccoli's has the added advantage that they can be added into your morning salads or even rice or curry. As this green veggie are rich in vitamin C, and calcium it can also promote the weight loss apart from its satiety qualities.

  1. Fresh Milk

It is time to revisit your childhood habbit of a glass of fresh milk before bed. Fat free and low- fat dietary products can support you on your weight loss diet. This dairy product is the best low calorie food for that fills up your tummy for a long period. Mid-day, mornings or nights fresh milks always kicks out the unwanted craving that pops up.

  1. Cauliflower

With its blended taste and devouring fried looks, cauliflower’s has now replaced all the junkie and fast foods nowadays. But this is good! Because this is a healthy vegetable that contains essential nutrients and proteins. Cauliflowers are low in calorie, and high in fiber, vitamin C and potassium. It has now become the most versatile vegetable, because it can be roasted, boiled, mashed or added to your morning salad bowls. Thus its tasty and healthy and can be grabbed in any form for feeling super full for a long and winding periods.

  1. Cucumber

Let it be a salad or a burger or even a detox drink, cucumber is always there on your diet plate. The high water content keeps your body hydrated and your tummy full. Need a bit of extra fiber, to restrict yourself from the alluring chocolate boxes or cookie jar, then leave the green peel which might be the hardest but the healthiest for sure.Grab on some cucumber slices whenever you feel the cravings, sprinkle it with a bit of salt or spice as you like and stay healthy and full.

  1. Orange

So here is a guilt free way to serve your sweet cravings. The pulpy, yummy, oranges are no more a mere fruit in your baskets.With its nutrient rich juices and low calorie diet, it supports your weight loss in a very effective way. The high dietary fiber content in orange gives you the satisfied feeling of being full, keeping up your appetite. It is not a daunting task to get this fruit into your diet bowls or salads. And why to wait, when you have a fruit which is low in calorie and high in filling fiber.

  1. Avocado

High in carbs and low in fats that’s the perfect blend of this low calorie fruit. Reap the benefit by adding it into your morning salads or snack breaks. Avocados, comes with the pack of fiber as well as bloat banishing potassium. Thus no doubt that this mix of fat and fiber is going to keep you satiated, at least away from your air packed chips.

  1. Salmon

Relatively with few calories this fatty fish can keep you going for more than long hours. Salmon contains all rich proteins and nutrients along with Iodine, which stimulated weight loss as well as promote metabolism.

  1. Figs

What about pairing fiber with protein, because both these contents together take time to digest and keeps you full for a longer time. This nutrient rich fruit can be easily topped with your yummy pizzas or mix it with your daily fruit bowl, both ways it suffices the hunger game.

  1. Chia Seeds

These yummy recipes itself might have been an appetizing treat for you right! It’s a treat for your health too as it comes with the blend of health and nutrients that our body need. It is true that your whole day solely depends on a leisurely breakfast. Now you don’t have to skip your food because of time, extract a 10 minute and grab it up all the way. Now shake off the thoughts of the scary sneaky peaky Monday mornings, love your body? Cook them a healthy breakfast, love your days. Stay alive, stay fresh and stay healthy all day long.

  1. Legumes

Not all legumes but specific legumes like beans, have a lot of anti – oxidants nutrients and fiber content which keeps you both healthy and fit. Add these fresh and healthy legumes like black beans, chickpeas or red kidney peas to your burritos or wraps or soups or even salads. Munch them on and shew out your unwanted cravings.

  1. Peanut Better

Relish your snack times or mornings with a bread smeared with some tasty peanut butter. And this keeps you high for a quite long time. Peanut butter with its rich nutrients and high fiber content is indeed a low carb food for any diet, specifically a ketogenic diet. It grabs our hunger hormones and stables the satiety levels.

  1. Cottage Cheese

Forget about the creamy fancy cheese spreads, this nutrition rich snack is packed with healthy nutrients like vitamin B is the best option for your weight loss goals. This fresh creamy cheese is meant to be the fresh cheese, which does not undergo any aging or ripening process. Add this in your super healthy recipes and curb up your hunger.

  1. Lemon

This shiny, round yellow fruit has myriads of benefits vested in it. To add on to it is its dietary fibers and low calorie which effectively reduce calorie intake. Gulping up a glass of lemon juice can make you feel full without adding any other calories. Replace your water with a fresh squeezed lime water, keep hydrated and stay fit.

What’s stopping you, fill up your shopping cart and fridge with these healthy list of low-calorie foods and fruits.


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