1. Whole Grains for a Good Mood

Put whole grains on your plate! These are grains that have kept their outer husks, high in fibre and with their germ. Vitamin B-rich whole grains to balance the mood. They are filling and also contain magnesium (essential for nerves and muscles), selenium and zinc (immune system) and iron to help fight against tiredness.

Quinoa, corn, spelt, oat or rice: switch things up to banish stress.

A great boost for the body!

  1. Brewer's Yeast for Nerves

Surprising and yet, brewer's yeast has an important role to play in the fight against stress and its effects: fatigue, anxiety, nervousness, burn out... It's particularly rich in B vitamins, essential minerals and trace elements, it protects nerves, combats fatigue, moderates nervous disorders.

To relieve a touch of the blues, start taking brewer's yeast and combine it with marine magnesium. Why magnesium? It was found that stress causes its loss and that such a deficit would cause increased sensitivity to stress.

3. Dried Fruit for Energy

Why not munch on some nuts for your snacks? We don't get enough of them, and yet they are packed with benefits!

They provide many vitamins and essential minerals for our organism. Magnesium, formidable against fatigue and stress, is present in almost all dried fruit. And especially in dried banana.

Their energy can also help you to get your vitality back. Take raisins for example: they are filled with glucose and fructose and have a boosting effect on your mood in no time. Small but tough, dried fruits are a winner.

  1. Dark Chocolate for Pleasure

You'll have no trouble getting used to this idea: chocolate is good for your health! Say no more... Especially when we know that daily consumption of two squares of dark chocolate would result in a decrease in blood pressure.

Magnesium-rich chocolate is also an ultimate anti-stress food, especially dark chocolate. They also contain phenyl ethylamine, a natural hormone known as an aphrodisiac, which give it a reputation as an anti-depressant and natural stimulant. It could simulate the same effects as when you fall in love.

Now, your love of chocolate is no longer a secret...

  1. Oily Fish for Omega 3

Seafood lovers are going to love this! There's nothing like oily fish to calm your stress and boost your morale.

Tuna, salmon, and mackerel are very rich in omega-3 which activates the secretion of melatonin (sleep regulating hormone), and facilitates the production of serotonin (the hormone that affect mood). This essential fatty acid is still used to lower cortisol and adrenaline levels often present in stressed individuals.

Finally, phosphorus contained in fatty fish acts on the nervous system and protects it. Follow the marine diet!

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