We all have a hectic Sunday or Saturday, where we clean the mess in our home. But what about cleaning the space where your health and soul resides? Yes, cleansing your body or more conveniently detoxifying your body is as essential as your food. We crawl into chemical stuffs and force toxins in to our body knowingly or unknowingly, as our lifestyle forces us to. Thus it’s important to rejuvenate and recharge your body back to form. So heating up your head on how to detox your body? Ease it out, we have few of the best ways to cleanse your body top to bottom.

  1. Start With A Glass Of Lemon Water

Cleansing out your body is a daunting task. The intake of toxins and chemicals are so high that our body needs time processing it out. So start up your mornings with a glass of lemon water even before breakfast. This single glass does magic to your body and flushes out all the toxins out. If you choose, you can also add a few gingers into the drink to help in digestion.

Squeeze a slice of fresh lemon into a glass of hot water and gulp it up the moment you crawl out from your bed.

  1. Never Miss Your Breakfast

Just after having this detox drink, it is absolutely important to have a proper breakfast. Not the oily or packaged foods. But some healthy soups or smoothies which keeps you full and restrict the cravings. An oat meal with some almonds or smoothies would be a good way to start your detox weeks.

  1. Green Smoothies

We know it’s not sumptuous for your taste buds, but it is super effective to solve the question of how to detox your body. Blend some green veggies like spinach, cucumber, kale, lettuce etc. to a creamy smoothie. Have this as a drink for your breakfast or a late evening drink. This smoothie refreshes your body in and out detoxifying it.

4. Tons Of Water


Water is the best way to cleanse your body and flush away the chemicals. Ensure that you consume 4-6 liters of water every day. Gallons of water not only to keep you hydrated but the best way to detox your body. Drinking adequate water also solves most of your skin issues and boosts our energy level to an optimum level.

  1. No Caffeine Drinks Anymore

Now that’s not going to happen, but at least slip away your caffeine drinks and replace it with some green teas, lime tea or ginger tea which is actually a better alternative. Caffeinated drinks can effect your digestion and adds up more toxins to your body. It is always better to opt for a green tea, which apart from cleansing your body promote weight loss and boost up your metabolic rate.

  1. A Good Sleep Solves Everything

While solving the puzzle of how to detox your body, it is cardinal to keep in mind that along with your body your mind also needs detoxification. Your brain pushes out toxins when the hormones are stable and balanced, and that’s when you get a good night tight sleep. Get on your bed earlier and rise up and shine with a fresh mind and body.

  1. "You Drink And You Know Things? Maybe Not Now

So while on a detox diet or detox week, it is necessary that you should limit the intake of alcohol to a great extent. Alcohol is mostly metabolized in your liver and drinking too much can reduce livers ability to carry out its function. So abstaining from alcohol can maintain your body’s detoxification strong and active. If not on a detox diet too, it is important to limit alcohol use as it gives you myriads of health issues.

  1. Probiotic Supplement

Prebiotics are a necessary fiber that the good bacteria’s in your gut needs. With the overuse of antibiotics, dental products, and several other cosmetics your gut becomes unbalanced with good and bad bacteria. This effects and weakens your body’s detoxification system. Products like Greek yogurts or kefirs serves your detoxification process. Tomatoes, oats, banana, garlic are some of the probiotic supplements.

  1. Nuts And Seeds

Much on to some dry fruits and nuts always when on a detox diet or on a healthy diet. Nuts like almonds contain rich fiber content which suffices the detoxification process of your body. Grab on some nuts whenever you have the craving to eat something. You can also add nuts as toppings in your oats puddings also.

  1. Exercises

It is important to stretch your body and muscles to promote blood flow and reduce fatigue. Exercises like Lunges, Stretch, Burpees, etc. boost up your metabolic rate and burns out calories sufficing the process of detoxification. So exercises are a good answer on how to detox your body in a healthy and effective way.

  1. Apple And Ginger Mix

Apart from lemonade and water, this is another mixture that helps to ease your digestive system and digestion. This cleanse juice also contains psyllium husk which is good dietary fiber. This fiber binds together the waste materials in your body, and flush it out easily.

To make the juice, clean an apple properly with water and squeeze some fresh juice, add to it one teaspoon of ground ginger and ground psyllium husk. Mix well or blend it together.

  1. Restrict Simple Carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrate products like pasta, white rice, etc. though keeps you full, but does not contain enough nutrients which our body needs. These products are also often packed and contain toxins that get deposited in your body. So it is better to switch to high fiber, complex carbohydrate food such as potatoes, cereals, legumes, etc. which are more effective for the digestive system and flush out the toxins left by other products.

  1. Yoga

Managing your stress is important to detoxify your body and mind. Along with your detox diet and strenuous exercise, practice the calming art of yoga. It is interesting that yoga poses like gas releasing pose and planks, helps in improving the digestive process which in turn helps in weight loss too. Yoga poses like sun salutation calms up our body and mind releasing the stress hormones and producing happy hormones. Without these good hormones, toxins can never be flushed out from the body. Thus managing your stress by practicing yoga is a good way to clean your body.

  1. Not So Sweet

So the answer to how to detox your body might not be so sweet for you, because one of the best ways to cut down your sugar intake. Limit or abstain the intake of sweetened sugary contents. To suffice your sweet cravings, you can actually replace it with some fresh and natural fruits or dark chocolate, if you can’t resist. Fruits with vitamin C rich contents boosts up your metabolism and helps in your digestion

  1. Fruit Bowl

Make it a habit. Fruits are rich in dietary fibers, maybe not all, but fruits such as oranges, kiwi, peach, berries etc. will certainly help you to cleanse your body in and out. Fruits with their high liquid content are easy to digest and contains anti-oxidants. Grab a fruit bowl whenever you feel that the hunger crave is crawling in. Having fruit bowls and even fruit smoothies for breakfast or as late night drinks make the digestion smooth and flush out the unwanted toxins from your body.

Now, stop scrolling go get your healthy basket and put your healthy routines to cleanse your body in and out.

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