Nutrition Tips for Athelets - How to Prepare for Exercise?

The aim of the brand Aptonia is to accompany sports people and make their lives easier. Here are some hints and tips to help you properly prepare and make the most of your "sporting moments", whatever your level or sport.

Nutrition Tips for Atheletes: Hydration and Nutrition: The Essentials

Cycling, running, hiking, a match or even an assault course: to make the most of these sporting moments, you must look after and optimise your physical resources, from preparation to recovery. How? With these simple and quick tips!

Hydration aided by nutrition: the essentials! It is an important factor when doing sport as it plays a fundamental role in improving performance. Contrary to what you may have heard, a sports person's diet is no different to anyone else's: the quality will be the same, it's just the quantities that will change.

Quick tip: during the final 3 days of preparation, increase your intake of starchy foods.

It is important to balance intake with output, since you will use more energy when doing sports. For example: A stage in the Tour de France can require 6000kcal in just one day! However, whatever quantity is consumed, the diet must remain balanced. The basis of good nutrition is to structure food intake during the day through eating 4 essential meals: Breakfast Lunch, A snack, Dinner.

The aim is to arrive at D-Day both fully mentally and physically equipped, with a view to a high level of performance during the event and a quick, optimum recovery. Here is some simple advice .

2. Nutrition Tips Before Exercise

Adequate nutrition beforehand will allow you to be in top form and optimise your performance.

The aim? Be at optimum levels of hydration,

Optimise energy reserves,

Avoid all digestive problems.

Aptonia's quick tips: 

3 days before the start you should increase your energy intake. Try using maltodextrin by preparing a 500ml water bottle to be drunk each day.

The final meal before the start should be light and easy to digest. The energy cake is perfect for this.

Don't forget to stay fully hydrated.

energy cake

3. Nutrition Tips During Exercise

Nutrition during exercise is an essential factor for avoiding dips in performance:

The aims? Maintaining energy reserves, Maintaining optimum hydration, Limiting mineral loss.

Aptonia's quick tips: Drink regularly throughout exercise Energy intake can be provided through energy drinks and/or 2 in 1 gels and/or energy bars.

4. Nutrition Tips After Exercise

People tend to forget the recovery stage once their competition is over. However, the body needs to replace the losses caused by exercise.

The aims: Rehydrate your body, Replace minerals, Ensure the replacement of energy stores, Aid muscle recovery, Aid the removal of waste, Restore an acid balance.  

Aptonia's quick tips: Continue to drink regularly Take on carbohydrates by eating energy bars Take on proteins by eating protein bars Or simply have a recovery drink.   Feeling pooped? Once tiredness starts to set in or you feel you are struggling, eat 1 gel or some dried fruits.

Whatever strategy you adopt, don't forget that hydration is your priority. Dehydration is the worst enemy of performance and is a source of muscle and tendon pain. So don't forget to drink! Hydrating drinks that provide your body with the essential elements that it needs are there to help, because over one hour, water is not enough: isotonic drinks.


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