Stressed out? Caught up in the web of chaotic life? Failed to find a solution? OK, now it’s time for a trip to the world devoid of buffering.  Here’s a simple solution for your peaceful life, Digital Detox. To ease out, we provide you few easy-breezy ways to do digital detox and maintain a balanced life.

Yes, we have ourselves prisoned us behind the “cells” of our “cell” phones and gadgets. We may never realize that the reason behind our sleepless nights is our constant partner, the mobile phone and gadgets.

Digital detox is nothing but the simple habit of refraining the use of any technological gadgets including mobile phones, in a day or prescribed period. Sounds scary right! But nothing is back breaking when you have the will and determination. It may sound harsh, but yaa… truth is bitter that, we a young and skillful generation is now trapped in the web of technological hurricane that swallows our consciousness day by day, or may be every second. The world is, for sure at our fingertip, but the hands are controlled by this digital space. We were never masters, but the slave.

“Times winged chariot” is nearing…. Tik tik tik and boom…… that’s the life we are living now, just like our phones, we are the RDX ready to burst….  its high time we switch to digital detox.

Disconnecting from our digital network is necessary to reconnect with a meaningful life. Studies have found that digital detox has helped several individuals in relieving their stress and anxiety, there by leading a healthy life. Wow! That’s a soothing thought. Digital detoxing helps you connect with the natural world and build up a correlation with your inner self. The continues hours we spent in liking and posting and poking and stalking eventually turns us a tech addict. This may from outside seems normal, but it does have the cryptic power to control our senses, our stress hormones and makes us insane. (even more horrifying than a drug addict! Metaphysically).

Refraining from all diversions, immersing into a voyage of finding peace, rebuilding your relationships that’s what digital detox is all about. Yes, it is a daunting task for a generation who eat, sleep and live in digital technology to refrain from using mobiles and iPad. But we mould your quest a hustle free one with these 10 exciting ways to do digital detoxing.

10 Ways to do Digital Detox

  1. Delete the ‘phone app’
delete the phone app

The very first thing you have to do is to plough the soil to plant the seed. Nothing, but to prepare yourselves for the task. You must first delete the mere thought of a phone or a lap from your senses while being in a detox. Seems intractable? never because a little pain, always gains a fruit. We can never make the horse drink the water, rather pave its way. So it’s your duty to be prepared by mind and soul for a transformation.

  1. Know your limits and stick to it
Set your mind to work on a specific task

The task is daunting and challenging, that doesn’t mean that you have to catch the cloud first. You must be aware about your limits. Set up a challenge that you think you could complete. If not, despair can make you lazy.

  • Set your mind to work on a specific task

For instance, this day you’ll refrain yourself from using your mobile phone during your leisure time instead you’ll open your senses out to the world and stick to it.

  • Never overestimate

As said stay by your limits, because no one knows you better than you. Your overestimation of “yaa... it’s easy as a click for me man”, turns the scene to “no….I can never be on this detoxing!”. Because clicking is easy as a prick but hmm…. refraining is hefty!

  1. Easy…. Step by step

Just like a toddler, first step…. fall…raise, and now the other… that’s how you can be divulged from your well constrained digital space. May be follow these steps.

  • Logout from all social media apps for a specific period.
  • Turn off your notifications just to on your other senses.
  • Keep your phone always at a distance from you. (this works cause the truth is we the tech addicts are a bunch of lazy pandas.!)

  1. Divert yourself
driver youreself from digital world

Remind yourself that there’s a whole living world around you. When you are having the urge to just have a peep at your screen….no … tame your mind and may be divert it to.

  • Lending a helping hand for your mom and dad.
  • Check out your garden, water the plants.
  • Have siblings? Then the task is done.! Go have a good and healthy fight with them, irritate them and enjoy. (warning: at your own risk!)

  1. Yoga mat, your all time mate
yoga for digital detox

It’s time to change your partner. Because you know this relationship is not working and you need a break. Yes. Your partner the digital gadgets, is swamping you day by day. Have a date with your yoga mat, you’ll love it. Yoga helps you to free your mind from other distractions. It calms you and releases your stress out. Sticking to yoga is the best way to do a digital detox.

  1. Switch to sports
switch to sports

Your repressed emotions are best released in physical activities like sports, says Freud. Switching to sports keeps you healthy and fit internally and externally. This would help you to use your leisure time in something productive rather than being invisible in a digital space. This has proved to be one of the effective ways of doing a digital detox.

  1. Disconnect to reconnect
disconnect with technology

Calming your mind is an art, and the one who masters it wins life. There are many workshops and centers which helps you in your voyage. Digital detox retreats and centers are pinning up every day around us. They help you to enjoy the bright sun, chirping birds, cool breeze and soothing water which is far better than the travel clicks and filters of your Instagram or chats. It’s an experience of deepening your sense of self without the distraction of any technology.

  1. Talk while eating
talk while eating

Sure your grand ma’s are going to sue me up if I advise you to do such things! But the truth is we the youngsters indulge in phones and other gadgets especially while we are on the dining table. “Food! Oh then clicks, filters, tags and post!......” Try and enjoy your sense of tasting because you have lost it in the filtered world. Indulging in small talks with one another while having food (keeping on mind, your breathe and senses), helps you to divert yourself from the mere thought of all social medias. Because a warm and interesting conversation opens your mind.

  1. Time to count your tiles

Not joking… it’s a fact that helped me in restraining the use of mobile phones inside the bathroom. Might sound, like a dump, but it’s a way you engage yourself and ignore that there is a digital world waiting for you. Once you start engaging in the process of counting the tiles or blocks, it becomes an interesting task. You’ll divert and then you’ll have the tendency to recount every time you are in. This helps you from refraining the use of gadgets at least when you are on a digital detox.

  1. No secrecy
no secrecy with family on digital detox

You are having a tough time, because digital detox is never a child’s play. You should realize that and should lend help from your family, friends and colleagues. There is nothing to be ashamed of as you are in voyage to uplift your life. Temptations occurs from nook and corner. So let your friends and family know that you are on a digital detox and ask them to help you out.

I am sure they’ll be more than happy and those hearts and hands will be forever open for you.

Get ready for a transformation of yourself, your mind and your health. Explore your own ways of doing a digital detox and switch to a stress free and peaceful way of living.

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