What is a Digital Detox?

You have probably already heard about it. Digital detoxing is increasingly popular. It simply means cutting yourself off from the digital world for a period of time.

We all know it, nowadays there is a race for information and connectivity. It can be beneficial for your brain to take a break from the screens. A good way to do this is to go into nature for a hike.

Before having a go, let's examine together some of the benefits of an offline outing!

Hyper-Connectivity in Numbers

On average, we look at our smartphone for a total of 1h42m a day. For people aged 18 to 25, this rises to 33 connections on average, for a total of 2h16m a day!

The Advantages of a Detoxing Hike in Nature

1. Reducing Stress

girl sleeping on a beach

Going on a digital detox walk enables us to get away from everyday stresses and the frantic rhythm of the modern world. Moreover, reducing exposure to the blue light generated by our electronic equipment enables us to reconnect to our biological clock and encourages restful sleep.

2. Reconnecting with Nature

Refocusing on yourself, recharging your batteries, tuning in to the breathtaking wonder of natural landscapes. There are so many reasons to getting a breath of fresh air without being distracted by the overbearing digital revolution.

3. Reconnecting with Others

Spending time on social networks without having real interactions reduces our attention span. A hike with your other half or with friends without a connected terminal also enables us to get back to the basics. It is also a way to continue to develop your communications and sociability by reconnecting to those close to you.

4. Increasing Productivity

With a constant connection, digital world encroaches on our free time. Before, this time enabled us to take a step back. In this digital, information-rich era, it is impossible to take time for introspection and reflection. Occasionally going offline during nature hikes increases concentration, discernment and therefore productivity!

It isn't obligatory of course, but you will see that occasionally getting away from your smartphone can only be a good thing..

So have a go, switch your phone to offline mode and head off for a forest bath!

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