Confused about what to buy when you first start practicing yoga? You might think you need to spend hundreds of rupees before you set foot in a studio or class because the yoga business always creates new apparel and accessories. The good news is that you don't need much to begin going, as Decathlon has a wide variety of made in India yoga equipment that makes your sessions pure bliss. Go through this article to learn more about yoga equipment and its uses. 


We see yoga as a fairly approachable exercise. It is excellent for all levels. You don't need to be exceptionally athletic to try it. There are undoubtedly certain classes, flows, and styles for experienced yogis to attempt. Second, all you need is a mat and some comfortable clothing.

Although your yoga equipment can essentially be minimal, there are a few items that can improve your practice. We're talking about Indian yoga equipment, extras, and apparel that make it easier and more supportive for you to strike poses and flow through movements. Here is some yoga equipment that you should necessarily have. 

List of 10 Made in India Yoga Equipments to Level up Your Workout

There are a few Indian yoga equipment that you require to carry out your daily exercises. Below mentioned are the details of the various items that you should necessarily add to your yoga equipment list. 

Sr. No. Product Use
1 Yoga Mat To prevent injuries
2 Yoga Bottoms To prevent sweating
3 Yoga foam blocks To increase comfort
4 Yoga tops To prevent sweating
5 Other yoga essentials For extra safety and health reasons
6 Mat bags or slings To carry the equipment
7 Blankets For extra comfort
8 Yoga Strap To do difficult stretches
9 Yoga Bolster To provide adequate support
10 Yoga Wheels To do difficult stretches

10 Yoga Equipment That Is Definitely Worth Your Money

Eco-friendly Yoga Mat 

Using made in India yoga essential mat, also known as a sticky mat, is typical in gyms and yoga studios. This mat helps you establish your personal space and, more significantly, gives your hands and feet traction to prevent slipping, which is especially crucial if you start to sweat a bit. Additionally, it offers some padding on a hard surface.

Most studios and gyms provide mats for hire. While this is OK for your first few lessons, the drawback of these mats is that many people use them, making it difficult to determine how frequently they are cleaned. So you could think about getting your own. Choose the mat characteristics that are most significant to you. Consider the mat's length, thickness, material, comfort level, traction, and cleaning requirements. Then, based on your needs, get a mat with a solid reputation.

Must Buy: Gentle Yoga Mat 6 mm - Green

Comfortable Yoga Bottoms 

Yoga Pants:

A couple of made-in-India yoga essential pants are always a good idea. Alternately, be a bit daring and update your wardrobe with current designs or trends.

Must Buy: Women Yoga Organic Cotton Bottoms - Black/Grey

Loose Pants:

If you don't like wearing tight trousers, try jogger-style pants or fashionable harem-style pants with elasticized ankles. These made-in-India yoga essential trousers provide a little additional room, yet the ankle elastic ensures that they will remain in place during your practice.

Must Buy: Men Yoga Cotton Bottoms Eco-Designed - Black


For men, made-in-India yoga essential shorts are a popular choice. They are also suitable for ladies, particularly if you want to attempt hot yoga. Look for tight shorts with attached tights or form-fitting spandex shorts since certain poses call for you to position your legs in a way that may leave you uncomfortable exposed in looser, running-style shorts.

Must Buy: Men Gym Shorts Polyester With Zip Pockets FST 120 Black

Yoga Foam Block

Made in India, yoga essential blocks are used to increase your comfort and correct your alignment, similar to blankets. Blocks are beneficial for standing postures when your hands are intended to be on the floor.

The stance may be compromised in specific ways since blocks have the effect of "raising the floor" to meet your hands rather than compel them to do so. They make it simpler to maintain a strong torso and an open chest while preventing misalignments. Wood, foam, or cork can be used to make yoga blocks. They are incredibly adjustable and can be rotated to stand at three different heights. Investing in a set of blocks for postures where both hands extend toward the ground is worthwhile if you practise yoga frequently at home.

Must Buy: Yoga Foam Block - Burgundy

Comfortable Yoga Tops


Wearing reasonably form-fitting made-in-India yoga essential shirts will prevent your shirt from flying off your head when doing forward or backward bends. Wicking fabric is advantageous, particularly if you tend to sweat a lot or if you want to take a hot yoga session.

Must Buy: Men's Cotton Gym T-Shirt Regular Fit Sportee 100 - Black


You might wish to bring a lightweight made-in-India yoga essential cover-up or sweater with you because yoga studios are occasionally kept cold. You may put it on before the last savasana if you keep it beside your mat and wear it until the class begins.

Must Buy: Women's Cotton Gym T-shirt Regular fit Sportee - Light pink

Sports Bras:

A decent made-in-India yoga essential sports bra will assist keep your "girls" in place as you change poses, making your practice more pleasant even though yoga is typically a low-impact activity.

Must Buy: Women's Light-Support Fitness Sports Bra - Black

Other Yoga Essentials

Hair Ties or Headbands:

If you have long hair, tie it up before class to stop stray hairs from landing on your face and eyes. A made-in-India yoga essential headband or hair tie should work.


Yoga Socks:

To be clear, wearing made-in-India yoga essential socks is not necessary to participate in a class. Yoga should be practiced barefoot. Having said that, if the idea of walking around with bare feet makes you queasy, spend money on a pair of yoga socks with grips on the bottom. This will allow you to keep your feet covered while still keeping adequate traction. Regular socks are not acceptable since you will end up stumbling and sliding all over your mat.

Must Buy: Running Socks Run 100 3-Pack - black

Water bottle:

Keeping yourself hydrated during the entire yoga session is essential. Therefore, individuals must invest in a good water bottle and carry it regularly in their yoga sessions. 

Must Buy: Bottle 0.75L - Blue

Mat Bags or Slings

There is an excellent case to be made for buying a made-in-India yoga essential mat bag or sling if you have your yoga mat and plan to carry it back and forth to the class frequently. These add-ons do precisely what they say on the tin: they make it simple to sling your coiled mat over your shoulder without it unravelling.

Slings often tie your mat in its rolled state using Velcro straps and a connecting strap that you may drape over your shoulder. They occasionally, but not usually, include extra storage compartments.

On the other hand, there are generally just two designs of bags. One design secures your rolled mat against a bigger gym backpack using Velcro straps. The alternative form is simply a bag with a snap, or zipper closure made just for holding your rolled mat.

Must Buy: Yoga Mat Bag - Green Palm Tree Print


Made in India yoga essential stacks of blankets are typically offered for students to use during classes in yoga facilities. Folded blankets can be used in seated positions to raise the hips, and in laying poses, they can provide support. So, at the start of class, grab one or two.

For instance, you may lift your hips above your knees while you sit cross-legged by placing a blanket beneath your sit bones. Blankets are helpful for many different purposes during class, and if it's chilly, you may use them to stay warm during the closing relaxation.

Yoga Strap

When you need to hold onto your feet but cannot reach them, made-in-India yoga equipment straps, also known as belts, are pretty helpful. In essence, the strap serves as an arm extender.

Straps are excellent for positions like Marichyasana, where you tie your hands behind your back. Until you can move to the complete bind, you can use a strap to "link" both hands without putting too much strain on your shoulders if your shoulders don't allow enough flexibility for the bind.

Yoga studios provide these for use during class, but you certainly have something around your house that would function as a strap (like a belt or even a towel).

Must Buy: Yoga Strap Organic Cotton - Beige

Yoga Bolster

Bolsters may be pretty helpful for yoga practitioners. To make sitting and forward bending positions more comfortable, use them in place of a pile of blankets. You may also lay them under your knees or your back to provide support and passive stretching when reclining.

In restorative and pregnant yoga sessions, made in India yoga equipment bolsters are very helpful. The bolsters will be given if you enroll in this kind of session. Purchasing your bolster could be worthwhile if you want to practice restorative yoga at home.

Round and flat are the two fundamental bolster forms (more of a rectangular shape). Although spherical bolsters might be helpful when you need additional support or a deeper stretch, flat bolsters are typically more ergonomic.

Must Buy: Firm Organic Cotton Yoga Bolster filled with 100% Recycled Material

Yoga Wheels 

A relatively new prop that is beginning to take up in the yoga studio is made in India yoga equipment wheels. These wheels have a diameter of around 12 inches and a width of about 4 inches.

To deepen your stretches and increase flexibility, you may lie back on the wheel when it's upright or put a foot or hand on top. Then, slowly roll the wheel as you unwind into the stretch. In more complex techniques, wheels can be employed to test stability or provide support.


All necessary yoga equipment is included here for a successful workout. We are pleased to state that each item is marked as "yoga equipment produced in India." These tools are manufactured of high-quality materials that do not affect the environment and are secure for use by everyone. So, take pleasure in your workouts with these Indian yoga tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of equipment is used in yoga?

A mat is the sole piece of the necessary gear you require for yoga. Spending money on a decent one makes sense since it may help prevent injuries and make your yoga practice more joyful because it's so important. It's also a great idea to invest in some high-quality yoga blocks.

What are the three things you need for yoga?

The three most important things you will need for yoga are:-

  • Your Mat
  • A Mat Towel
  • Comfortable, Breathable Clothing

What do you need for a yoga session?

  • Comfortable yoga attire
  • Water bottle
  • Mat
  • Yoga towel
  • Change of clothes
  • Post-yoga snack
  • An open mind

What should you not wear to yoga?

  • Short Spandex and Lose Shorts
  • Thin or Holey Pants
  • Shirts That Don't Fit
  • Pure cotton fabric tops 

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