This time, there's no doubt about it, you're expecting! Once you've got over the wave of emotions, you'll obviously have lots of questions (it's only normal). In particular, you'll have questions about exercise. What sports can you do in the next few months, now that there are two of you?


1. This isn't the time for Football, Cross-Training or Horse-Riding 

I won't hide it, and the enthusiasts among you might be in for a few months missing the sports that are off limits now you're carrying a child. "Basically, disciplines that could involve impact, falls, blows or sudden movements… should be avoided," indicates midwife Ludivine Boca. Team sports such as football, basketball and volleyball should also be put on hold for a while, as should combat sports, horse riding and mountain biking. Also avoid cross-training, alpine skiing and trampolining, which aren't really ideal for mums-to-be!

choosing the right sport

2. Listen to your Body

The good news is that it is recommended to stay physically active when expecting a baby. "Mothers-to-be who enjoy running sometimes ask me if they can continue at the start of their pregnancy, particularly because they feel good. If there are no counter-indications, they can keep running until around the 4th month of their pregnancy, without overexerting themselves. Above all they should listen to their body. The important thing is to be attentive to the changing body, and not force things. "In short, during this period, it shouldn't be about performance, but about the well-being of both mother and baby (or babies …). Sport should be combined with enjoyment, and involve less physical exertion than before. Don't go trying to beat your personal best in the coming months.

Listen to your body

2. Cycling, Yoga, Walking and Swimming on the Agenda

You still have plenty of options in terms of disciplines to enjoy when you're expecting a baby : walking, yoga, Pilates and other gentle gymnastics, swimming, cycling or scooter-riding on flat terrain, as well as other sports that focus more on control than on placing heavy demands on the body. Your pregnancy may be the chance to get into archery, darts or bowling! What really matters is to keep it moderate, not force things and pay attention to any contractions that you might feel in your belly. Continuing sport during pregnancy is even recommended : it has heaps of physical and psychological benefits!


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