Power Yoga for weight loss

There are a lot of people now in the world a total of one in three tend to be overweight. In such an unhealthy condition, it becomes hard to walk or even run around. However, the good news is that you can now lose weight fast with the help of power yoga. With power yoga for weight loss, it is possible to simplify the weight loss process. The power yoga poses for weight loss are specially curated such that it focuses on the problem area. If you are curious about how this can take place, here is a list of power yoga poses and how to do them.

What is the difference between yoga and power yoga?

Power yoga is said to be the dynamic version of the otherwise slow and steady version of yoga. This weight loss power yoga tends to focus on high intensity and is much faster. It is hence seen that one of the benefits of power yoga for weight loss is that it builds immense strength. Power yoga also shares common qualities with the Ashtanga branch of yoga which helps increase stamina while building internal heat.

You also tend to become more flexible as you go on to practice power yoga. Power yoga for burning calories is also one of the perfect blends of weight loss, fitness, and traditional yoga values.

Is yoga effective for promoting weight loss?

A yoga workout is no doubt one of the most sought-after options for a lot of people who want to change their lifestyle while also losing weight. It is hence seen that a lot of people tend to include yoga workouts for weight loss apart from using other workout methods. Besides helping you become more aware of your mind and body, power yoga for achieving a leaner physique also helps build up your strength in all. It also tones down your entire body in the physical sense.

10 Best power yoga poses for weight loss

If you are also curious about what power yoga poses for weight loss you need to include, then here are some power yoga for weight loss that will help not just lose weight but also get some yoga workout done.

Side stretch pose

The side stretch pose is one of the best power yoga poses for burning calories as it helps you strengthen the intercostal muscles. This yoga workout can be performed either in the morning or in the evening even on an empty stomach.

Steps to perform:

  • Stand straight with hands on either side and palms facing down
  • Now bounce your hand upwards while boosting them in a rising direction
  • Put your leg forward
  • Slowly bend down and touch the floor
  • Keep your knees straight
  • Now hold this pose for about 14 seconds
  • Repeat on the other side

Garudasana Yoga

Garudasana is an easy power yoga pose for achieving a leaner physique which also helps you strengthen your ankle and calf muscles. It also helps stretch your shoulder, upper back, ankle, and calf muscles.

Steps to perform:

  • Stand straight with hands at your side
  • Now balance your body weight on a single leg by lifting your right leg and slowly bending the knees
  • Now wrap your left leg around your right leg
  • Raise your arms above where your elbows are parallel to the ground
  • Twist your arms and stay in position for 10 seconds
  • Repeat this ten times

One legged downward facing dog pose

This power yoga for burning calories is also effective in terms of strengthening your bones and thigh muscles.

Steps to perform:

  • Stand on all four on the ground
  • Now press your hips up and back by inhaling
  • Place your neck and head in the same line
  • Slowly raise your left leg upwards as much as you can
  • Stay in the pose for about five seconds
  • Repeat the process with the other leg

Cobra pose

Cobra pose is the best power yoga for weight loss that will not only assist in weight loss but also provides strength to your chest, back, and arms.

Steps to perform:

  • Lie down on your tummy and face the ground
  • Place your palms at level with your shoulder while the palm faces downward
  • Slowly make a lifting position for your upper body
  • Lift as much as your body allows and then bend your body backward
  • Now repeat ten times

Corpse and boat pose

The corpse or boat pose tends to strengthen your abdominal muscles and hence is one of the perfect power yoga poses for weight loss.

Steps to perform:

  • Lie on your back and place your hands on either side
  • Now lift your lower limbs halfway up
  • This creates tightness in your abdominal area
  • Support the weight by stretching out your hand in front of you

It can be hard to achieve this power yoga pose initially but it will become easier eventually.

Warrior Twist Pose

Warrior twist pose is a great power yoga for weight loss that strengthens your intercostal muscles, hip, groin, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

Steps to perform:

  • Stand straight with your spine straight
  • Keep your feet outstretched from one another
  • Keep your feet outstretched from one another
  • Place the opposite hand perpendicular to the hand while touching the floor
  • Twist your body to one side
  • Repeat on the other side


Uttanpadasana is a power yoga workout that helps by toning and something the pelvic and abdominal muscles.

Steps to perform:

  • Lay down with legs straight and hands on either side
  • Now keep your both legs straight while lifting your right leg
  • Repeat with another leg
  • Lift our legs now perpendicularly to the ground
  • Repeat the process for 10 to 15 mins

Paschimottanasana Yoga

Paschimottanasana yoga is a great power yoga pose that helps work on the shoulder, hamstring, and vertebral column.

Steps to perform:

  • Sit on your mat with your spine held straight
  • Pread your legs forward and keep them straight
  • Stretch your leg muscles by bending forward and touching your heels with your fingertips
  • Maintain the pose for 20 seconds
  • Get back to the sitting position now
  • Perform this about three to four times

Ardha Matsyendrasana

This power yoga pose tends to help strengthen your abs and oblique muscles while also increasing your flexibility.

Steps to perform:

  • Sit on the ground and fold your legs in front of you
  • Now place one foot on the ground while the other one placed across it
  • Keep your spine straight and do a half twist
  • Place the elbow of your twisted arm on the knee
  • Stay for about 10 to 15 seconds
  • Repeat on the other side

Triangle poses for weight loss

The triangle pose tends to improve digestion and is hence a great yoga workout for weight loss. It also improves blood circulation in the entire body.

Steps to perform:

  • Stand straight with a foot width between your legs
  • Now place your hands perpendicular to the shoulder and open your arms
  • Now hold your right left with your hand and bend towards the right side from your waist
  • Now lift your leg hand while your palm faces the ceiling
  • Make sure to keep your left leg and hand as straight as possible and turn your face to the left side
  • Stay in position for 30 seconds
  • Repeat on the other side


Now that you know what are the benefits of power yoga for weight loss it is now possible to incorporate these power yoga poses in your daily yoga workout. Power yoga workout also helps lose weight, improve immunity, improve your metabolism levels and also help with sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the key differences between power yoga and traditional yoga for weight loss?

Power yoga tends to be a more intense form of physical workout while the other hand, traditional yoga focuses on the smooth flow of various poses.

  1. How often should I practice power yoga to see results in weight loss?

You need to practice as often as possible to see results in weight loss. It is recommended to conduct power yoga for weight loss at least 3 to 5 times per week.

  1. What are some additional benefits of power yoga beyond weight loss?

Apart from weight loss, power yoga also ensures an increased ability to build muscle strength and improve mobility and immunity.

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