Bérangère and Emilie, two runners familiar with racing, asked themselves the question... and we will find out what they think!

Berangere and emilie

Against 100% Women's Races: Berangere's Opinion

“100% women's races? Oh no. No, truly. Paying 3 times the price for a race to have the right to a route perfectly suited to my weak woman's abilities, dressed all in pink for the occasion, forgive my hesitation.And then, knowing that a few years ago, women weren't allowed to run distances over 1500 m, I wonder why today we would want to self-segregate… (not sure that this is a word, but you get the idea).So, no: I admit I have trouble understanding why people would register for those races. Shouldn't we be wondering “why certain women don't feel comfortable on a unisex course?”

Here, I see a good explanation: to be sure, or at least try and be sure, that you don't get elbowed by big arms. This is why, for my first triathlon, I picked a 100% women's triathlon… To have a less aggressive start to the swim. And my first "official" race was a colour run. Not 100% women, but also not the type of race run by "real" runners (there is a subject for another debate... at what point do you enter the club of self-proclaimed "real" runners?).So, yes, I am aware that these confessions weaken my "con" argument... so be it. Maybe this type of race could be a way of trying out racing, with friends, and with no pressure… Like a stepping stone. In that case, why not…"

women races

For 100% Women's Races: Émilie's Opinion

“As a women, yes, I have the right to like pink (and even coral, fuchsia, or mauve), high heels, lipstick, and unicorns. Yes, I like these little things that, for me, from time to time, are symbols of my femininity and, I admit, completely girly. 100% women's races are in the same category: a time devoted to women like me, who want to work out as a group, for fun, pink and feminine clichés included. Have you ever tried it with your girlfriends? Laughter guaranteed!Another interesting advantage: we have all experienced that annoying underwear line through your leggings, or the tights that make it seem like everyone is looking at us. But during women's races, there are 0 complexes, 0 pressure, 0 judgement. We run, we have fun, and we take selfies.

It's also a great chance to share the joys and struggles of a women's race: run at noon, sure, but it's annoying to put your makeup back on afterwards, and do you wash your hair each time? who looks after your kids when you run? those running T-shirts with just men's sizes are dumb, how do you find a good sports bra...?And then, sometimes, these women's races support good causes like medical research, inequalities, etc. We have fun, do good, and are really proud! And these races are more and more open to men, because they can defend women's rights too!”


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