Diksha Chabbra

Fitness Trainer and Sports Nutritionist

Diksha is unstoppable, progressive and quite fearless when it comes to training and in every aspect of her life. 

She has been practicing strength training for more than 2 years. Recently, she won "Mrs. India Earth" at runner-up position and was also awarded the subtitle of “Mrs. Body Fit.” 

Getting considerable results from Cross Training and maintaining it depends largely on taking care of the little details such as consistent training, the right diet, getting plenty of rest and doing your warm-up and stretching. If you don't do it,  you aren’t optimizing your performance. 

1. Warm-Up

A warm-up regime is absolutely essential before you begin your practice. It makes sure that your joints are well lubricated, prepares your target muscle groups before the performance of the main routine and helps your blood circulate. If the body is warmed up, you're less prone to injuries. 

If you're looking for a quick and dynamic warm-up to get started with your training, follow the below body movements. 

cross training warmup

2. Stretching

Stretching is a part of your warm-up and cooling down regimes before and after your workout. For cool-down, stretching helps to relax your muscles, reduce muscle soreness and inflammation.

3. Breaks and Resting

Between any of the sets, you need to take rest for 30-40 seconds. The rest-period could be more depending on the intensity of your workout. Rests in between helps you recover fast, prepares you for the next set and prevents you from getting into a state of fatigue. 

What to do in Breaks -   You can utilize the breaks by a little stretching or hydrating yourself with water or an energy drink


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