1. Swimming, The gentle Sport

Yes, but what should I start with? "I generally advise combining an indoor activity and an outdoor activity if possible", states Joëlle Jolly, sports for health coach."To start off, I think swimming is a great activity for overweight people:in the water, a person weighs just 20% of their body weight.Swimming uses all the muscles and burns a lot of energy. Moreover, it works all the muscle groups whilst taking pressure off the joints".

Couple swimming underwater

2. Nordic Walking: Between Fitness Walking and Running

Nordic walking people

For outdoor activity, the coach advises Nordic walking, which is more demanding for the upper body than traditional walking.

Marie Chevalier, an instructor in the discipline, emphasizes this fact.

"Nordic walking burns 40% more energy than traditional walking. The natural balancing movements of the body are accentuated, particularly in the upper body. This works the arms, pectorals and abdominal muscles.The effects become apparent very quickly. For people starting or going back to sports, Nordic walking can also be a step on the way to running."

3. Cycling, Great for the Abs

Man & Woman Cycling

Cycling is another recommended outdoor activity: "you don't always feel it, but when riding a bike, you naturally work the lower body, buttocks and thighs, but also the abdominal muscles, in order to keep your balance on the bike,", explains Joëlle Jolly.

When you decide to lose 2, 5 or 10 kilos, the most important thing is to look after your health, to feel good in your body and your mind.


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