Tired of all the pain, sweating, starving and rigorous training for burning off your calories and reducing your weight. Let’s forget about starving and switch to an active, calm and effective method, how about yoga for weight loss? Sounds interesting. It is fascinating to know that yoga with the blend of active and calmness, soothes out your mind and your dream to be the fit and firm you.

How yoga helps in reducing weight?

Yoga is a graceful exercise and reducing weight needs rigorous energy to burn the fact. Both are paradoxical but, but does rhymes once dug deep down. As it doesn’t burn more calories, it is forever a question how promote yoga for weight loss. Practicing yoga is beneficial both for your mind and body. It creates the best version of you that you have always dreamed of. The postures of Yoga might be sedentary, but does magic in your body.

- Your senses are always on

Yoga is the art of taming your mind and controlling your conscious senses to be active all day long. Practicing yoga makes you more conscious to the whispers of your body. As you become more conscious you become more aware of the food you intake, the calories, the diet you follow etc. along with exercises it is also important to keep a track on your calorie intake and food habits, for proper weight loss. Thus toga contributes a major part to your endeavour of weight loss.

- Sleep- not too much not too less

Sleep is always associated with weight loss. The lack and excess of sleep effects your body with drastic changes. Over sleeping adds the puffiness and increases your weight, and less sleep, strains you in and out adding the pounds. In yoga, you practice yoga nidra which could suffice the lack of your sleep. Practicing yoga every day, helps you acquire sufficient sleep, not too less or not too more.

- Calm and active

Yoga is known for its calming ability. But there exist active and powerful power yoga’s which promotes weight loss. The continues moves, postures and flexibility, burns out intense calories adding to your journey.

- Mindful eating, fit and firm you

Yoga is the best method for stress management and anxiety controls. It reduces the stress hormones and promote the happy hormones, leaving us happy and healthy. This stress management reduces the stress eating habit. We eat a lot while we are stressed up or tired. Mostly opting for sugary and junk foods. This increases your pounds to doubles. By practicing yoga, you calm yourself and control your habits of stress eating, reducing your calories in doubles.

10 yoga poses to lose weight

Yoga might be tender, but now you know how it helps in burning our calories. It’s important to look at some of the cardinal yoga poses for weight loss to begin a perfect journey of being fit and healthy.

  1. Boat pose

This yoga pose is a whole body exercise, which torn up your core and enhances muscle strength. It strengthens the muscles and promotes metabolism. Thus burns down more calories and promotes weight loss.

- Sit straight with extended legs on the yoga mat
- Now bent the knees.
- Lift your feet up of the floor as though your shin is parallel to the floor
- Extend your hands parallel to the floor
- Hold the pose for around 30 seconds
- Now release and repeat it for 5 times

boat pose
  1. Upward plank

This is hard nut to crack for a beginner but benefits a lot in weight loss. Wish for rock hard abs, then dive into a upward plank pose. It is one among the best yoga pose for weight loss.

- Sit with your legs stretched and straight.
- Keep your hands behind your hips, fingers pointing towards the feet.
- Prepare to rise up slowly, with your feet straight and pointed
- Try pulling your head back while raising.

This might feel a bit hard at first, it is the exact opposite of our push up position. But practice do make a man perfect and fit

‍Upward plank
  1. Warrior pose

Just like a warrior torn yourself up with the warrior pose.

- Stand straight with your feet together
- Stretch your legs apart back and forth
- Now bent the knees of your front leg and keep the other one parallel to the floor.
- Raise your hands over head.
- Hold the pose as much as you can (never stress yourself too much that might end in pain)
- Now switch the side and repeat it as though.

  1. Trikonasana

The ultimate Triangle pose is a highly beneficial yoga pose for several health issues. Though it does not directly contribute to your weight loss. It enhances digestion and thus reduces the fat deposits in belly, thereby the best yoga to reduce belly fat. It also includes muscles reducing your born fat.

- Stand straight with your hands overhead
- Now widen your legs sideways.
- Stretch yourself down with your hand touching the same feet. Just like a triangle
- Your upper hand should be straight facing the ceiling along with your eyes.
- Hold up the pose for around 5-6 seconds
- Now return back and repeat on the other side.

  1. Sun salutation

Also called Suryanamaskara, the popular yoga pose to reduce belly fat. There around 12 breathe poses which tones all over the body. This single yoga pose involves various other poses too. The step by step method to do a fresh and refreshing Suryanamaskara is listed below.

- Stand straight on your legs
- Inhale deeply and lift your arms overhead
- Bent forward and exhale out
- Now jump your feet back to the plank pose.
- Hold it for around 5 full breathes.
- Next drop the knees down, and place your lower body to the floor
- Extend your legs keeping your hands under the shoulders
- Now inhale halfway to turn in to the cobra pose.
- Switch to downward dog facing pose by exhaling.
- Hold it for 5 breathes
- While exhaling, jump up to your feet on top of the floor and bend.
- Inhale and lift up your arms overhead.
- Exhale and relax.

That’s quite a few steps. But as a beginner try and practice it one by one and as a pro burn it out by rigorous practice.

‍Sun salutation
  1. The cobra pose

Also known as Bhujangasana, it is almost akin to a snake’s pose. It is good to reduce the fat of your upper body and abdominal muscles. Not recommended for pregnant women.

- Lie facing down the mat, with feet flat on the floor and palms down to either side.
- Press the floor with both hands and make sure that your fingers are just below the shoulder muscles.
- Pull your shoulders slowly, slightly backwards
- Give focus on to your abs and bend back more with belly button towards spine.
- Keeping your hands, hips and feet firmly on to the floor, lift up your upper torso, keeping your chin upwards
- Hold it for 4-5 full breathes.
- Push yourself higher with each exhale.

‍The cobra pose
  1. Downward facing dog pose

It is a good yoga for weight loss.

- Lie on the floor with your stomach on the mat
- Slowly lift your body with the limps and make a pose just like a small mountain
- Hold it for sometimes and feel the strain in your belly.
- Return back and continue doing it.

Downward facing dog pose
  1. Chair pose

The chair pose, as the name sounds, is to make a posture as though you are sitting in a chair.

- First, stand straight with your legs together and arms straight up above your head.
- Bet both the knees simultaneously. Not too much, but you should see your feet while looking down in the posture.
- Hold the pose for 30 seconds.
- Now relax and repeat. The chair pose gives strain to your thighs and muscles, reducing the extra fat absorbed.

  1. Seated forward bend pose

This intense pose provides deep stretches for your entire back from heels to neck. It also ensures stress management, thereby controlling your stress eateries and contributing to weight loss.

- Sit straight with your legs straight on the mat.
- Bring your arms straight out to each sides, then slowly over head.
- Inhale and draw up your spine straight
- As you exhale, bend forward and try touching your feet with your hands.
- On each inhale lengthen your spine and each exhale deepen to your forward bend. You become a pro, once you hold your feet completely bending forward.

‍Seated forward bend pose
  1. The gas releasing pose

One among the effective yoga pose to reduce belly fat and contribute to weight loss. It releases the state of being blotted due to trapped gas and boosts digestion

- Lie straight with your back on the floor, with stretched legs.
- Now fold one of your leg at the knee
- Slightly bent the knee and try touching it to your chest
- Lock the knees with your arms around it
- Now try touching your nose to the knees lifting your neck forward.
- Hold it for few seconds and repeat it with the other side
- Now do it with both the legs simultaneously. You do look like a fetus in mother’s belly clinching to yourself.

gas releasing pose

These are super 10 effective Yoga poses for you to adhere on to reduce your body fat and enhance weight loss. You might not witness a one-day change in your weight, because it is not the strenuous exercise that you used to do, tiring yourself, starving up. But along with promoting weight loss, it also transfers you as an entirely different human being, uplifting your life to a state of spiritual, mental and physical enhancement. Let’s begin a soothing endeavour of a healthy, fit and firm life, making yoga a daily habit.

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