2020 is finally in the wraps and while it's been a challenging year, there's a lot that we've gone through together. Our shared experience of 2020 has brought us closer and here's putting the year in perspective. We got to be a part of your fitness journey from behind your screens.

If one thing remained constant is your will to stay active and add movement to your day. We're amazed to have 6 million+ readers on the Decathlon Blog in 2020.

The core of the Blog has always been to help you in your sports journey with the right assistance and guidance that enable you to improve and thrive in your practice. We always remain curious about what our readers enjoy reading and to our surprise, some of the most unlikely articles seem to be the most popular. If you're curious, we've listed down our top 10 most-read articles of 2020.

Note - This list is purely based on data.

  1. 7-Day Indian Diet Chart to Lose Weight for Females 

With over 976,606 pageviews this is probably the most searched topic on Google in our niche. No complaints, everyone wants to eat clean and we're happy to be able to provide a generic diet chart that can be adapted by anyone. An Indian diet chart for weight loss in 7 days is very effective because Indian meals are very balanced as they include proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and fibers in the required proportion. There are some nutritious foods such as grains, lentils, healthy fats, vegetables, dairy, and fruits. Since there are a number of ways to cook Indian food, healthier options can always be found. 

Click here to read 7 Day Indian Diet Chart to Lose Weight

  1. 30 Best Exercises to Increase Height

With over 974,497 pageviews, this follows really close to the diet chart article. This is definitely a motivation driven article and we're glad that many people benefited from the different exercises listed here. The most amazing part is the comment section. We've never seen so much interaction and sharing among our readers before. Exercising is one of the best ways to increase height fast and grow taller. Synergize the effect by coupling exercise with a good intake of protein - you can add to your height positively. 

Click here to read the 30 Best Exercises to Increase Height 

  1. How to Build Your Own Home Gym

With a full-blown lockdown, people weren't able to visit their gyms and fitness classes but were still determined to continue their practice at home. Fitting perfectly with the narrative of the year, this article has emerged to be one of the most read. So, how exactly do you “build” a gym? And how do you know which equipment is best, so you don’t waste your money on the latest fad which will become a clothes horse in a few months? Read the article to find out. ?

Click here to read How to Build Your Own Home Gym

  1. 5 Decathlon Walking Shoes For Men

With more people staying home, we saw a trend where walking was selected as a form of exercise for many in the evenings or early morning. Getting the right pair of shoes vs regular sneakers then became of prime importance. A good pair of walking shoes is able to prevent your feet from getting blisters, calluses, and corns. Additionally, walking shoes are important to decrease the impact and stress on your feet that are making regular contact with the ground. Read the article to find out what are the different shoes we suggest for walking.

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  1. Top 15 Indoor Sports to Play at Home

There's no surprise there. People were stuck indoors and were looking to stay fit and have fun at the same time. A lot of us were even worried about missing our workout sessions, sports classes, etc, and even though it may sound counterintuitive, there's a lot of sports and activities that can be done indoors. With the help of easy equipment like the roll-net, a basketball hoop etc you can enjoy many sports indoors. 

Click here to read Top 15 Indoor Sports to Play at Home

  1. 10 At-Home Resistance Band Exercises and Workouts 

All through the lockdown and even afterward, one of the highest selling products at Decathlon was the Resistance Bands. Resistance Bands are a very versatile piece of equipment that can be used to practice multiple types of exercises that work different parts of your body. It is the ultimate home gym tool that's easy on your wallet, takes up next to no space, and offers a world of varied movement possibilities. Also, widely used by physiotherapists and Chiropractors for rehabilitation and therapy. 

Click here to read 10 At-Home Resistance Band Exercises and Workouts 

  1. Quran-tunes or Workout Playlists? Decathletes Choose 

The lockdown had got us all stuck indoors but it didn't dull the enthusiasm of Decathletes who were still finding interesting ways to stay active and entertained at home. So apart from SKIPPING...... meals, taking LONG WALKS..... to the living room or RUNNING ...... out of ideas to keep ourselves entertained, these Decathletes have actually been able to squeeze in some real activity between sleep and emails. And what's the most important thing? What were they listening to? Let's find out!

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  1. How to Keep Kids Busy Indoors Without Screen-Time

How to convince kids to stay at home? That's a million-dollar question many parents seek an answer to. While we want our kids to stay up to pace with sports and other extracurricular activities, it's not always possible to access the outdoors due to weather conditions or like what happened this year with the virus going around. Having said that, the best way to make them stay put is to engage them (not with mobiles and tv) but through different sports and activities that can be done indoors.

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  1. How to Choose a Winter Jacket

This has become a recent favorite and was read so widely that it climbed all the way to our top 10 list. With outdoor activities and traveling opening up, a lot of people are heading to the Himalayas and are in search of the perfect winter jacket. Choosing the right winter jacket depends on what type of activity you are planning to do. The requirements of those who are adventurous and like to stay active are different from those who want something warm to wear around town. 

Click here to read How to Choose a Winter Jacket

  1. Cycling : Benefits of Training at Home with a Home Trainer 

Cycling as a sport saw a big boom too in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai etc this year. While a lot of people opted to cycle for running errands or for short-distance commutes, interest in the home trainer also grew widely mainly for how convenient is it. One may easily set his bike on a home trainer and continue to cycle avoiding all risks. Working out on a home trainer has a couple of benefits over working out on an exercise bike or a stationary bike. A home trainer guides you with a more specific riding position while you're training at home and then again when you feel like taking your bike on the road, you can simply take off the trainer and hit the trails. 

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