How to convince kids to stay at home 

That's a million-dollar question many parents seek an answer to. While we want our kids to stay up to pace with sports and other extracurricular activities, it's not always possible to access the outdoors due to weather conditions or like right now with the virus going around. Also, it's not easy to convince kids to stay at home as they don't always understand the seriousness of the situation.

Having said that, the best way to make them stay put is to engage them (not with mobiles and tv) but through different sports and activities that can be done indoors.

Get the Outdoor Sport Inside

Using your child's favorite sports as inspiration, invest in some simple toys and supplies that they can use to play indoors. Usually, that means equipment that's smaller, lighter, and/or softer than what you use outdoors, such as:

Here are 10 things that will keep your child engaged at home

  1. Balloons, beach balls to kick, dribble, and throw
  2. Mini basketball hoops
  3. Darts or bow & arrow for target practice
  4. Carrom boards
  5. Hula hoops, skipping rope
  6. Table tennis and kit
  7. Practicing cricket shots with a ball tied to the roof
  8. Turnball
  9. Yoga Mat
  10. Skates

Why is it important for kids to play sports even at home?

Kids usually love activities of all kinds. Their energy levels are usually more consistent compared to regular adults. If you're able to give company to your child while playing these sports, it will account for a great time spent together and you'll be able to learn a lot more about your child's strengths and interests and motivate them further toward that direction. 

A research study from Yale University titled “Organized Activities as Developmental Contexts for Children and Adolescents” discusses the benefits of team-based activities: Research shows that participation in organized activities can have a range of positive influences on children and adolescence.

And it’s not enough to just participate – once your kid becomes talented at the (sports) activity or exercise he is participating in, simply makes their development that much better: Achieving competency at these tasks allows an individual to take advantage of personal and environmental resources that promote positive functioning in the present, reduce the risk for developing behavior problems, and increase the likelihood for healthy adjustment for the future.” 

1. Football

Football is a very popular outdoor sport but some techniques can always be practiced indoors. Kids today love to watch soccer matches and then replicate the same moves. It's a perfect time for them to practice and perfect these certain dribbling, tacking, shooting techniques at home before they hit the field. A football and maybe a Kipsta Cage that can be placed in your backyard or even your living room is all the equipment you need. Since football is a high-intensity sport, it will also keep your child's fitness and stamina levels up.

2. Basket ball

Basketball is slowly becoming popular in a lot of schools here and is included in the curriculum. Use this time at home to brush up your child's shooting and dribbling skills. A basketball and an indoor backboard is all you need to enable them to practice long shots from different angles. 

3. Archery

Archery is a great sport that can be played indoors. Apart from being absolutely thrilling, archery also helps build focus and co-ordination skills. With a bow and arrow set, your child will be spending hours perfecting throws. And who knows, someday it may lead them to the Olympics.


4. Darts 

Darts is another target sport that is mainly practiced indoors as a fun activity or even a hobby. Many European countries and even Canada host international competitions for the same. The best part about darts is that it's a great family sport that brings in a sense of competition to hit the bull's eye. 


Carrom is a total classic that can be played by two or more players. Most of you probably already have a carrom board lying somewhere collecting dust. It's also a great family game that can be enjoyed over evening chai or rather milk for the kids. 

6. Hula hoops and skipping rope

Hula Hoops not only keeps kids but also adults trying for hours until they perfect the spin. It's interesting to involve your kids into fun fitness activities from an early age on which works on their fitness and stamina levels helping them perform better in other sports that require high endurance and agility. 

7. Table Tennis

Most kids today know how to play table tennis and yes again it's a proper indoor sport. The best part is that you don't really need to invest in a table tennis table and instead just get the roll net to convert any table into a table tennis table. Try with your dining table and let your kids enjoy a session every evening.  

8. Cricket

Without a doubt, Cricket is the most popular sport in India and played by almost every child. A lot of kids today even take cricket coaching at a very young age. But since you're not able to send your kids to the pitch, it's a good idea to keep the practice going at home with a few simple hacks, sometimes even used by Cricket Players themselves. 

Tie a knot to an old sock with the ball inside and suspend it from the room setting it in motion. By the basic law of the pendulum, it will descend in a harmonic motion giving your child a chance to hit the ball and practice the posture of defence.

9. Turn ball for tennis

Turn ball is a very interesting product in the Tennis range. Tennis swings can be practiced with the help of the Turn ball. Utilize this time at home to perfect their swings before they're back to the court.


A lot of parents today practice yoga at home for fitness. Watching the same, a lot of kids will inculcate the same practice. Doing yoga at an early age can be very beneficial for kids to develop proper breathing routines, flexibility and improve core strength. 

11. Skating 

Your kids probably already owns a pair of skates and if they don't then this is the right time to get one and help them practice their balance and moves at home. Even if they fall inside the house, it isn't a big injury compared to a fall on concrete. This will help them learn how to balance before they hit the road.

Here are a few ways to keep your kids active, engaged and healthy indoors. With a full day of activities, they will also get proper sleep at night and wake up looking forward to another day of activities.
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