Choosing the right winter jacket depends on what type of activity you are planning to do. The requirements of those who are adventurous and like to stay active are different from those who want something warm to wear around town. Apart from this, knowing what kind of weather conditions you'll be using the jackets for is also essential to choose a suitable jacket for winter. It's important to layer effectively to keep yourself warm in cold weather.


Summer vacations are around the corner and most people must be looking forward to new adventures in the mountains. It is time to pack your bags with the best jacket for winter sports and adventures that you are heading for. Choosing the right jacket is important whether you are planning for a winter destination for your vacation or looking for a jacket for the winter season. Different types of winter jackets are useful for different purposes. To choose the right winter jacket, you must consider some factors and find the right jacket for your requirement. In this article about choosing jackets for winters, winter sports and treks, we will list for you the best jacket options for cold weather. We will also share with you the tips on how to choose a winter jacket to help you find the right product for your needs.

How To Choose A Winter Jacket?

 Winter jackets are of many types and each jacket is useful for different purposes. Choosing the warmest jacket is important for the cold weather. Before we share with you a list of the warmest winter jackets, here are some factors to consider and the tips to follow when choosing the right jackets for the winter season: 

  • Purpose For Which You Need The Jacket: The first and most important thing to know is the purpose for which you need the jacket. This will help you shortlist the best winter jackets for the same. For hiking or skiing or any activities in the snow, you will need a different kind of jacket and for any low-intensity cardio or any other type of activity, the type of jacket you need will be different.
  • Type Of Insulation: There are two types of insulations that you can choose from when looking for a jacket for cold weather- down and synthetic. The following are features of both of these types of insulations in winter wear jackets:
    -Down: Ultralight, Easy to pack, Extremely warm, Longer life span
    -Synthetic: Priced lower, Washing machine friendly, Waterproof
  • Types Of Outer Shell: There are two major types of outer shells that you have to choose from when finding the best jacket for winter- hard shell and soft shell. While hard shell jackets are waterproof and wind-resistant, soft shell jacket is water-resistant. Depending on your requirement, you can choose the outer shell of your jacket for cold weather.
  • Lining Material: The lining material is the part of the jacket that will be in direct contact with your skin the most. This is the material that helps in retaining the heat in the body. Hence you must choose the inner lining of your winter jacket depending on whether you wish to stay warm or dry or both.
  • Adding More Layers Inside: Often you might need more layers inside even when wearing the warmest winter jacket. A well-fitted jacket surely looks more fashionable but a jacket that can help accommodate more layers within is more suitable.
  • Comfort, Style And Utility: The best jacket for winter that you choose should combine all these three elements for you. 
  • Additional Features: Look out for features like pockets, hoods, zippers or buttons, adjustment features, packability and a 3-in-1 design.

Which Jacket Is The Best For Winters?

Rank Winter Jackets Affordability Best For
1 Men's Hiking Fleece Full-Zip MH120 Grey Rs. 7,99
Highly Affordable
Outdoor winter adventure sports in the mountains.
2 Men’s Winter Waterproof Hiking Parka- SH500 Ultra-Warm -20 degrees celsius Rs. 6,999
This jacket is the best for regions with very low temperatures.
3 Women’s Mountain Trekking Down Jacket- MT500 -10 degrees celsius- Purple Rs. 5,499
Trekking and low-temperature regions.
4 Vero Moda Women Yellow Puffer Jacket Rs. 1,719
Highly Affordable
Stylish and warm jacket for the winters
5 NIKE Pro Men Charcoal Grey Ribbed Therma- FIT SPHR HD F Sustainable Training Jacket Rs. 4,121
Managing body heat during the cold weather.
6 PUMA Motorsport Men Red Hooded Sporty Jacket Rs. 4,049
Sports activities and training.
7 Nautica Men Black And White Colourblocked Padded Jacket Rs. 5,999
Fashionable and warm jacket for cold weather.
8 Campus Sutra Men Grey Self Design Lightweight Jacket Rs. 749
Highly Affordable
Packing for travel.
9 Jack & Jones Men Beige Puffer Jacket Rs. 3599
Stylish and Warm winter jacket.
10 PRFKT-U Women Black Windcheater Anti-microbial Training Or Gym Sporty Jacket Rs. 699
Highly Affordable
Physical activity and working out.

Fleece Jackets -

Fleece is a soft, insulating man-made fabric and provides good warmth while offering breathability. Fleece is relatively lightweight compared to wool and capable of drying quickly. Fleece jackets can be used as an outer layer if the temperature is not too cold and if it is not too windy. Fleece is also a perfect mid-layer to wear as they help to retain the body heat.

Decathlon offers a range of Eco-design Fleece Jackets (made of 100% recycled polyester). Fleece is a must-have item for your Outdoor Adventure in the Mountains.
Fleece Jacket

Cold-weather jackets for Hiking and Backpacking -

If you are looking to protect yourself from really cold weather in winter, Decathlon offers a variety of jackets to suit your different needs from temperatures ranging between 5 to -25 degrees Celsius.

  • SH100 X- Warm is a durable jacket to keep yourself warm and comfortable for up to temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius during Snow Hiking. This jacket is waterproof up to 2000 mm (ideal for light rain and snow showers). This jacket has an adjustable hood to limit the snow getting in and a tightening drawcord at the hem.

  • Travel 500- 3 in 1 Jacket is a versatile jacket for traveling in temperatures up to -10-degree C. This jacket gives you thermal modularity because of the removable padded inside jacket which makes it a go-to jacket for traveling in variable weather conditions. The outer fabric is waterproof up to 5000 mm (ideal for 3hour shower and snow conditions). The jacket also has a zipped underarm opening for ventilation.

  • SH 500 U-Warm jacket is designed for extreme winter conditions like intense cold, snow, blizzard. Made of thick synthetic wadding, the jacket provides you optimal protection up to -20degree C temperature and high winds. The jacket can withstand rain (2000 mm) and heavy snowfall. Handwarmer pockets and one secure inner pocket makes sure your upper body is fully protected in cold weather. 

Lightweight Down and Insulated Jackets for Trekking - 

A down jacket is a jacket that has been insulated with the soft and warm under feathers. Down is a fantastic insulator as the loft (or fluffiness) of down creates thousands of tiny air pockets that trap warm air and retain heat, thus helping to keep the wearer very warm in cold winter weather. Down is prized for being light, easy to compress, and breathable. It’s the insulation of choice in cold, dry conditions or whenever reducing weight and saving space are top priorities. Down Jackets are generally worn as a mid-layer in windy and heavy rain conditions. Outer Shells can be worn on top of a down if the weather conditions are harsh.

Down Jacket

Decathlon offers a range of Duck Down Jackets (-5 degrees to -20-degree Celsius temp.) to suit your outdoor needs.

Is ideal for Trekking in temperature ranging from +5 degree to -5 degree(when worn as a 3rd layer) This jacket is also the most compressible jacket of Decathlon so that you can save space in your trekking backpack and travel lighter. The outer fabric is water repellent and suitable for trekking in snow conditions.

Offers protection up to -10-degree C (when worn as a 3rd layer). This jacket protects you from mild winds and snow during your outdoor activity. This jacket is very light and compressible so that you can travel lighter. 

Is the warmest jacket in the range. It is designed to face temperatures down to -18 degrees C when active. This jacket is very lightweight considering the cold weather resistance it provides- only 570 gm in size L. It also has abrasion-resistant fabric on shoulder panels for durability because shoulders are more prone to cuts during Trekking. Apart from all these excellent features, the jacket is water repellent and also has ventilation zips to give you maximum comfort while trekking.

A person standing in front of a mountainDescription automatically generated
At the summit of Winter Brahmatal Trek wearing Trek 100 Down Jacket

Synthetic Padded Jackets

Synthetic insulation is admired for its strong overall performance and friendly price tag. It is made of polyester, synthetic fill is quick-drying and keeps you warm even if it becomes wet. They are generally heavier than down jackets.  Decathlon offers Synthetic jackets that are lightweight, and compressible at an affordable price. 

Is an Eco-Design Jacket suitable for temperatures between +5- & -5-degree C. This jacket is made of water repellent and highly durable fabric so that you always feel protect during Trekking. It is light in weight (only 345g in size L) and can be compressed in the left-hand zipper pocket. The jacket comes with easy maintenance and can be machine washed.

A person standing on top of a snow covered mountainDescription automatically generated
Pin Parvati Pass Trek wearing Trek 100 Padded Jacket

Outer shell Jackets-

The Outer shell or the topmost layer is necessary to have if you are participating in Outdoor Activities in areas with high wind conditions. It becomes important to carry a Windproof jacket if you are planning a trip to the mountains because of unpredictable chilly winds and thin air. 

Is designed to protect you from the wind during a cold-weather mountain walk. The jacket also has brushed fleece inside which provides warmth. Thanks to the abrasion-resistant fabric so that you can wear a backpack without the risk of tearing. The Jacket has zipped air vents for breathability and maximum comfort while doing intense activities like Trekking. The Outer Fabric of the jacket is made of a water repellent fabric to prevent water from seeping into the fabric.

A person is cross country skiing on a snow covered mountainDescription automatically generated
Snow Trekking in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh in Winters wearing Trek 500 Windwarm Softshell on the top of Down Jacket

Winter Jacket For Ladies 

Some of the best winter jackets for women are as mentioned below.


Curated by our trained trekking enthusiasts, this feather-down jacket can be used in extremely cold weather. It comes acrylic as its outer shell and is synthetic in the inner lining; this makes it the lightest feather jacket available. Its treated outer layer also prevents water from getting in.

2. Women's Trekking padded jacket - MT 50 0°C

This water-repellent jacket is specially designed for mountaineers and can give you the perfect warmth even in temperatures as low as 0°C. This jacket is filled with 90% recycled polyester fibres. We also employ a dye called "two-tone" for the lining in the jacket, which involves dying only one of two threads.

3. Women's Trekking Padded Jacket - MT 100 Hooded -5°C - Turquoise

This padded jacket comes with a hood and offers a combination of warmth, low weight, and durability even in temperatures between  -5°C and 5°C. This padded jacket is compact and slim-fitting, allowing you to save weight during your physical activities. Our commitment to long-term development: Recycled polyester accounts for 70% of the wadding.

4. WOMEN’S Trekking Down Feather Jacket MT100 -5°C Ultra Light and Compact

During your cool-weather travels, this RDS-certified down jacket keeps you toasty! (During strenuous exertion, the temperature might drop to -5°C.) You can save a lot of space in your rucksack and trek light with this compressible down jacket. The fill strength of this down jacket with its 85/15 filling is guaranteed to be 800 CUIN or more (European standard).


This compressible down jacket is very light to carry and is the perfect companion for trekking comfortably in temperatures as low as -10°C. It is an RDS-certified product, which means that the feathers used in the filling are of top quality. Also, the jacket’s outer fabric works effectively in stopping water from getting in during unfavourable weather. 

Winter Jacket For Boys

Some of the best winter jackets for boys are as mentioned below.

1. Kids’ Hiking Fleece - MH100 Aged 7-15 - Blue

It is designed for kids of age between 7-15 years. This warm and breathable jacket is approved by a group of parents of young hikers to safeguard their kids during their outdoor activities. Made from recycled polyester obtained from waste plastic, this is 100% environment-friendly clothing. 

2. Hiking fleece jacket - MH150 - children 2-6 years - Navy blue

This is a double-sided microfleece manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. The jacket is designed in such a way that the body's vapour can easily leave, allowing the body to be cooled even during strenuous physical activity. It is weighted around 143gm only and is highly compressible, which makes it easily portable.

3. Kids’ Padded Hiking Jacket MH 500 7-15 Years Purple

This padded jacket was designed for young hikers to ensure that they remain warm when trekking and during their daily activities. This water-repellent jacket is warm, light, and small. It has wadding for optimal thermal insulation and is water-resistant to keep your child dry in the event of a shower.


This compressible hiking fleece is light-weighted, around 300 gms in size, for kids in the age bracket of 10-11 years. The product is easy to carry, making it the ideal companion for youngsters during hiking. In addition, the jacket's special fabric makes it breathable, and it can also be dried quickly.

5. Kids’ snowboard (and kids’ ski) jacket 100 black

This kids' snowboard jacket is warm and waterproof, with all the essential features for casual riding. Long cut for a decided snowboard look, cuffs to keep snow out of the wrists, snow skirt, and ski pass pocket. It also has a brushed lining, a 5000 mm-rated covering, a hood, and many other features. It's constructed of 59 percent recycled polyester, so it'll last a long time.

Winter Jacket For Men

Some of the best men’s winter jackets are as mentioned below.

1. Men’s Snow Hiking Jacket - SH100 X-WARM -10°C - Water Repellent

Do you want to go hiking in the snow and cold? This thick and waterproof jacket keeps you warm and dries down to -10°C, making it ideal for cold and snow hikes. For an extra 3°C of warmth, it has an adjustable hood, warm pockets, and a broad flap behind the zip. Finally, the lining is constructed entirely of recycled fleece.

2. Men’s trekking padded jacket - MT100 -5°C

This padded jacket is warm, light, and sturdy, allowing you to hike comfortably in cool weather (between 5°C and -5°C). This eco-friendly padded jacket is made out of 70% recycled polyester wadding. It saves weight for trekking while keeping you warm thanks to its high-tech features, compact size, and slim fit.


This is an excellent winter jacket because it is warm and comfortable. This jacket is not only warm, but it also provides important protection from the weather. The inside insulation is constructed of extra-thick recycled wadding, and the jacket is waterproof up to 3000 mm. The cuff has an elasticised tightening to keep snow out.

4. Men's Trekking Down Feather Jacket MT100 -5°C Ultra Light and Compact

This RDS-certified down and feather jacket keeps you warm in temperatures ranging from +5 to -5 degrees Celsius. It's warm, light, and compressible, taking up very little room in your backpack. Not only that, but the exterior fabric has been coated to keep water out.

5. Men’s Cotton Fleece Gym Hoodie Zip Jacket 540 - Grey _PIPE_ Black

This cosy zipper hoodie is a wonderful value for money and gives you a trendy look in the gym and beyond winter. It is both comfortable and fashionable with a contrasting colour block design that gives easy elasticity and softness thanks to its natural cotton-rich fabric. The fleece fabric provides warmth.


We hope this article has helped you find the best jacket for winter. We hope that you will be able to consider the various factors for choosing the right jacket and find the jacket that suits your requirement the most. In case you need any more help in choosing the best winter jacket for the cold weather, you can contact us. Our team will get back to you with all the details and information that you need for the same. 


Is a quilted jacket good for winters?

Yes, quilted jackets are the best winter jackets as they are known to keep you warm and comfortable. 

Which material is the best for a winter jacket?

The following are the best material for a winter jacket for cold weather:

  • Wool
  • Faux fur
  • Hemp
  • Nylon
  • Mohair
  • Cashmere
  • Flannel
  • Corduroy

What type of jacket for cold weather is best for snow?

The warmest winter jackets for snow are:

  • Fleece jacket
  • Puffer jacket
  • Parka jacket
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Hardshell jacket

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