The following article will provide a detailed view of how surfing has its own benefits and what sort of surfing gear would be a match for all your surfing plans. Apart from these, you will also get to know more about the types of surfing.


If there is one athletic sport with waves that’d provide immense calmness while also providing that tinge of thrill, it’d be surfing. Surfing is not for a lot of beginners especially when it comes to surfing through rough waves. However, you will not remain a beginner for too long, and as and how you practice surfing you become more immune to the waves; challenging you to go further.

A fun fact about surfing is that it originated in Hawaii and these days no matter where you find a good wave, people will be there surfing those waves. While surfing is a fun and thrilling sport, it also has a lot of health benefits when it comes to the benefits you gain while surfing.

 What is Surfing?

While you’d like to know what are some of the surfing benefits, you’d also like to know what exactly is surfing and how did it turn out to be a sport. Surfing is an activity performed using a surfboard to surf through the waves in either the sea or the ocean either by lying or standing on a surfboard.

Surfing is also considered to be one of the most extreme sports in the world apart from also being the most preferred sport. While surfing was initially a necessity than a hobby when it actually originated, it turned out to be a hobby later on. Surfing was then declared an official sport in the year 1920.

 Types of Surfing

To understand more about surfing, certain types of surfing are practiced worldwide. Some of the surfing types commonly used can be provided as follows:

1. Wave Surfing

Wave surfing is a type of surfing where the athlete rides on the waves using a longboard. 

 2. Windsurfing

Windsurfing is said to be an extreme sport that provides you the freedom to move on the water with the help of the wind’s direction either while using a sail or a surfboard. While windsurfing, the usage of the sail is preferred instead of the waves to move on the water with much ease.

 3. Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing involves the usage of a power kite. This power kite is directed using wind power. This kite is held by the surfer to surf through the waves.

 4. Wakeboard

Wakeboarding is also a type of water sport where the athlete uses a surfboard that is attached to a speed boat using a rope. The speed boat as it goes forward will also pull the athlete ahead while surfing through the waves.

5. Skimboard

Skimboard is one of the most extreme sports where athletes need to overcome a wave of refraction and then slip over the water's surface to make it back to the shore.

Health benefits of surfing?

Surfing has a lot of positive effects not only on the body but also on your mind. Here are some of the surfing benefits that most people have experienced after surfing for a long time.

1. Surfing helps improve heart health

Surfing is actually a great way to get cardiovascular exercise done. The workout that you get through surfing helps strengthen the heart muscles. Apart from heart health it also impacts the overall fitness of the body.

2. Improve mental health

Clearing out your mind is much easier when you practice surfing. Especially with surfing being a sport that needs utmost attention, it is one of the ways to step away from daily life and take away all of your stress.

3. Helps in maintaining balance and coordination

While learning surfing is one of the toughest tasks, however, once you learn surfing you will get immense control over your coordination and balance. This can in turn lead to a better and high-quality life as you get older. Maintenance of balance and being able to keep good coordination between your body muscles is something that will help prevent you from any injuries as you get old.  

Other benefits of surfing

Apart from the above-mentioned health benefits, there are other benefits such as follows which one can obtain:

1. Burning out calories

Excess fat and calories can be easily burned out while surfing. This vigorous exercise requires a lot of muscles to be used to get the right balance and coordination. This muscle usage in turn will help burn out excess calories equal to the number of calories burnt while playing football.

2. Strengthening of muscles

Muscle strength can be highly improved as there is the usage of the upper body and legs while surfing which makes it a brilliant workout option for your core strength.

3. Improves sleep significantly

Good exercise ensures a night of good sleep. After a body surfing session, you might get tired and this might induce better sleep. It provides a long-term effect on your sleep cycle as well.

How to do Surf?

Even though surfing is considered to be one of the most extreme sports, it is definitely also considered to be one of the most accessible sports ever. The following list of types of surfing will also let you know how to do surfing.

 Wave Surfing

The most important aspect that each beginner needs to keep in mind when they start surfing is that wave surfing needs more than just balance and durability. You should make sure you maintain balance throughout while surfing on a board on the water. Apart from balance, you will also need to get special training before you actually start surfing which will include a lesson on endurance and improving balance. When you surf all, you require is a surfboard. When you find the right harmony between the wind and the sea, surfing is something you will definitely find amusing. Body surfing is another great way to switch up your wave surfing skills. 


Windsurfing is quite different from wave surfing and as a matter of fact, you do not need waves to take part in this sport. Here however one of the most important things would be keeping your balance throughout while surfing. To windsurf you can follow the steps provided below:

  • Push your surfboard into the water until its fin is clear of the bottom
  • Now get an idea of the direction of the wind
  • Adjust the board such that the sail is downwind of the board
  • Now either swim or walk to the upwind side and climb onto the board
  • Stay on your knees and get a hold of the uphaul without pulling up the sail
  • Now slowly stand on your feet while rocking back and forth to get a stability
  • Once you’ve gained stability you can now pick up the sail from the water
  • Make sure your body and back are somewhat upright and if you feel like your back is hurting it is due to bending over too much
  • Now take a hold of the mast with both your hands and let it swing. This position is what is called the control or the safety position. Post this wind power will be taking control.
  • All you need to do now is to steer through the wind to surf as you wish.
 Surfing Training

With the help of surfing training lessons, you can learn how to surf. There are also certain educational materials and professional schools which help with learning more about surfing and body surfing. Windsurfing is one of the easiest to learn and this can be learned by people of all age groups. This is highly recommended for beginners as the sail is lightweight along with the board is wide and easy to be balanced on.

The time needed to learn will however depend on the person. Once the basics are in place, it will be easier to improve and try new things. By attending the courses, it is possible to learn how to control the wind and the waves while also learning how to climb atop the surfboard and balance your body.

Surfing Equipment List: What Equipment is Needed for Surfing?

While surfing might only need a surfboard there is other equipment that you need when you are planning to surf through the waves such as surfing gear. Here are some of the equipment that you should keep handy either while learning or while you go out to surf.

 Surfboard- Motorized Surfboard

The surfboard is one of the most important pieces of equipment when it comes to surfing. If you are a beginner when it comes to surfing you can start with a foam surfboard that will save you from injuries. A standard surfboard will be around 258X59.2X10.6 cm in size. The mini surfboard will also be helpful for kids to learn how to surf. There are also multiple varieties when it comes to the types of surfboards such as electronic surfboards, motorized surfboards, and paddle boards.

 Surf Shoes

Surf shoes which are a part of your surfing gear will provide stability especially if you are a beginner on the surfboard. It might be quite slippery for the first time when you get on the board. A surfing shoe will help balance you on the board.

 Surfing Clothing

Various types of clothing are made specifically for surfing. You can choose the type of clothing based on the weather conditions and the one that suits you the best.

1. Surf Sweatshirts or Jerseys

You can choose a long-sleeved surfing jersey that will help you protect from unwanted UV rays. These can also be extremely comfortable. You should pay attention to the clothes you select as you need to stay in the water for a long time and you need to stay comfortable at that.

2. Surf Bikini or Shorts

Surfing bikinis or shorts can also be opted for during summer. However, make sure you are comfortable in the clothing that you choose.

3. Surfing gloves or goggles

Surfing goggles are specifically made for surfing such that you get protection from both sun rays and waves. Gloves can also be used for winter and a better grip while surfing as a part of your surfing gear.

When is the Best Time for Surfing?

Most surfers would prefer surfing either before dawn or during the evening time. The wind and the tides are two of the most important factors that decide the timing for surfing. The best time to surf is when winds are blowing from the land or when there is no wind at all which is usually found during the dawn.  Surfers prefer dusk as the temperature of the water is quite the same as that of the land. Therefore, it is best to choose between these two times to go out surfing.


While surfing is sure a fun and easy way to get a lot of health benefits, it sure takes a lot of time to be good at it. With that being said, it is also important to keep safety in mind at all times. For example, you should never go surfing alone as you never know when the waves might go wrong. So, it is always recommended to take someone along with you who could help you out in any bad situations. Also, just like swimming, you should avoid surfing right after a meal. You need to at least wait for half an hour before you go ahead and surf. All in all, surfing is more than just a sport, it is a fun way to get all your health benefits!


1. Does surfing give you a good body?

Surfing includes great involvement of body muscles. This in turn helps tone the body. The additional benefit of burning calories will also help attain a good body.

2. What are the mental benefits of surfing?

The mental benefits obtained by surfing can be provided as follows:

  • Helps reduces stress
  • Helps boosts mood
  • Overcoming depression or a feeling of grief

3. Is surfing a good enough workout?

Surfing can be considered to be a full-body workout as it does not just involve legs but the involvement of your upper body as well. Every move that you take in the waves requires a combination of cardio and strength which is why it is more than enough for a workout.

4. What is the purpose of surfing?

Surfing apart from being a fun activity is also one of the most widely performed sports activities. People from all around the world aim at being a part of this fun and sporty action while also being able to attain certain health benefits. 

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