For anyone who needs fresh air and movement, the sea and beaches are genuine playgrounds where you can top up your physical and mental resources and find a sense of balance. Surfing, bodyboarding, the choice is yours...

  1. Tone up your Muscles by Doing Wave Sports


Why do surfers have such good muscular definition? 

Because they spend an average of 85% of their session paddling to reach the outside and join the line-up. Paddling strengthens the muscles in the arms, the upper body and the chest, as does the pumping movement that enables surfers to stand up on their boards. Finding their balance on the board also works the back muscles and the abdominal muscles. The standing position and the constant search for balance also tones up the leg muscles.  

You will have fun, exercise and tone up your muscles, while enjoying a sense of total freedom at the same time.

efforts in wave sports
  1. Learn how to manage your efforts in wave sports


Despite the short and intense efforts it involves, surfing is not an endurance sport. Crossing the crest, reaching the outside, fighting against the current, getting into the best place to catch the waves... All these manoeuvres demand the right kind of effort. To make progress, surfers need perseverance and must be prepared to take a fall and start all over again, time after time. They need to be brave, to overcome their fears and to push back their limits in order to ride ever bigger waves and try to make more daring manoeuvres. 

As well as making significant efforts, they also need to control their emotions in order to remain calm in all situations and to hold their breath for as long as possible in the event of a wipe-out.  

anti-stress remedy
  1. It is an Anti-Stress Remedy


Like many other forms of physical exercise, surfing favours the secretion of endorphins that produce a sense of inner well-being. Surfing at lunchtime, before or after work, will help you to take your mind off things, to work off your stress and to face life’s problems with a more positive mindset. You will feel more relaxed, you will fall asleep more easily and you will sleep more deeply.

connect with nature
  1. A Sport in Contact with Nature


The sea and beaches are natural environments that are hugely beneficial to our bodies, by actively helping to work off all the stress and tension that we accumulate in the course of the year. Exposure to the sun and sea air has a positive impact on our fitness, our moods and the quality of our sleep. By way of example, walking barefoot on sand massages the complete foot arch, producing a feeling of relaxation and wellness. When surfing and bodyboarding, the rise and fall of the waves have a relaxing effect on our bodies and help to tone up our muscles. 

The oligo-elements, minerals and negative ions present in seawater protect us against ear, nose and throat infections and colds, they clean up our respiratory tract and nourish our skin.  
In some countries, doctors can even prescribe surfing to prevent cardio-vascular diseases, cancers, type 2 diabetes, excess weight, stress and depression.

sports for all
  1. Surfing is for All Age


Another advantage of wave sports: they are accessible to everyone, from the age of 7 to 77 (and more)! Children, adults, men and women are all welcome! You do not have to be an accomplished athlete to learn how to surf or bodyboard.

There is only one pre-condition: You must be able to swim. As well as being accessible, these sports bring together the whole family to share a common passion. Our foam surfboards are ideal to be shared by every member of the family.


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A Closing Word

Do you love close contact with the natural environment? Then wave sports are ideal for you! Thanks to all the benefits it brings, surfing will become a way of life, and much more than just a sport. Thanks to the hundreds of surfing schools and organisations on the French coast, it is very easy to get started in complete safety. 

So how did you start surfing? What benefits has it brought you? Tell us in the comments.

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