Vanakkam Chennai, one of the most soulful cities in South India with a mix of breathtaking cultural monuments, people, and beaches. Sunrises and sunsets witnessed along the beaches every day remind us of the true beauty of nature. 

A walk along the shores of Covelong offer a visual treat of adventurous water activities - surfing, stand-up paddling, kayaking, kite-flying, etc

I'd love to share a little bit about the history that helped create this surfing culture in Chennai that we see today.

Fishermen to Surfers :

Back in 2009, tourists from Australia surfed along the coastline of Covelong and also encouraged the kids of the village to learn surfing as a sport. Kids and teens started to explore the sport along with the tourists. That was the beginning of the journey of fishermen to Surfers. Fishing in the ocean for years allowed these teens to learn the theory of the ocean. That’s how surfing stepped into the lives of Chennaites. Yet, they were limited by financial challenges which caught the eyes of sports lovers. In 2012, Mr. Arun Vasu, TTK group of Business, currently the new president of Surfing Federation of India, also the founder of Surf Turf, who had a passion for water sports helped transform fisherfolk village Covelong (Kovalam), into one not circumscribed by the sea. 

Today, we have multiple instructors and Surf schools teaching water sports to tourists and visitors from all across the country and the world.  Surf Turf, Bay Of life, Soulmate Surf school, Ocean delight to name a few of the surfing schools that exist today.

“The Journey of Fishermen folk village to the Home for surfers, is something that we Chennaites cherish" 

 How to catch the right wave in three steps :

  • Understand the Ocean Theory: The ocean being the home for surfers, learning includes the study of ocean currents (rips, shallow zones & waves)
  • Land Lesson: The need for a warm-up on land, learn about the surfboard, how to lye on the board, how to pop up, and learning the stance.
  • Surf: glide into the waves

“A weekend by the sea with surfing, music, yoga, and fun at Covelong Point”

Covelong Surf festival has reached 7 successful editions hosting the National and Asian surf competitions, Yoga, and music fests ending up with a variety of food.

“What I take back every year during the festival is that people from all walks of life come together. It is a mix of cultures and there are no barriers in the event. It has all the elements — from the serious part of surfing to food, music, and games,”  Arun Vasu, Founder Surf Turf

Surfing in Life Saving

The brave hearts of the Indian coast guard unit were trained by the Chennai surfers to rescue people with the help of surfboards. When one of the surfers were asked about the rescue method, he said " the surfers feel proud of being helpful to people" 

Places to Surf in Chennai

  1. Surf Turf: It brings the old Madras beach culture with a great view of the Bay of Bengal. EAT-STAY-SURF 
  2. Bay of Life: School for Ocean sport and Ocean literacy
  3. Soulmate surf school: Explore the unexplored parts of the Ocean
  4. Ocean Delight: Surf into the dream of waves

These surf schools make the joy of surfing and other water sport activities accessible. The activities include Stand up paddling, Bodyboarding, Kayaking, Kite sports, Diving, Open water swimming, and Ultimate Frisbee. It’s a complete package of exploring all kinds of water sports. A wonderful destination for all water lovers in Chennai is Covelong.

Need for the right gear : 

While practicing any of the water sports, it's important to have the right clothing. Try surfing apparel and materials that give the confidence to learn the sport including a rash vest, surf shorts, swimsuit, towel or ponchos, flip-flops, goggles/caps (if needed), surf wax, surfboards, and a leash. With the ISA certified surf instructors and a crazy heart to explore the sport, jump into the waters of Chennai Covelong to learn a new sport. It’s never too early or too late to start surfing as long as you’re having fun, you’re doing it right.

“ Your Wave is Waiting!!! “
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