Wakeboarding Tips And Tricks To Get Started

Are you a fun loving adventurous person who is trapped in the body of dilemma, on where to go and how to do?

Ok then, here’s the perfect blast of fun, with the blend of a dashing sport, Wake boarding. Clench on the rope and get on your toes for a breathtaking adventure with the splashing water!

Wakeboarding is done by standing on a board which is attached to a powerboat. This powerboat pulls the board gently, initially, through a serene lake. But beginner wakeboarding’s are often smooth and calm.

Once you become a pro and have the lust for adventurous sport, wakeboarding never remains calm and serene, rather you clench on to the rope attached to power boats. Wakeboarders perform certain kinds of thrilling jumps and tricks and maneuvers.

There are different varieties and ranges of boards designed for wakeboard depending upon the surfers. It’s about 5 feet long and 2 feet wide at the center with a mouth and a tail. But before getting your toes on it is important to know a few tips and tricks for a safe and splendid surf on board.

  1. Keep it smooth

It’s always better to start with a good smooth and tender pace. While wakeboarding never haul yourself all alone. Rather, keep your arms straight and the knees bent and let the boat pulls you up. This is not about you pulling yourself instead you have to maintain the balance and enjoy the tricks.

wakeboarding tips
  1. Know your level and let the driver too

Starting with a slow and safe surf with water, needs the support of your driver too. You must be aware of your talents, whether you are a beginner or advanced level player effects the speed.

If you are a beginner its always better to start between 18 and 21 mph. let the driver know which speed you opts for, to have a good and smooth start.

slow surfing
  1. Spin at the peak

For performing certain tricks like spins, wait patiently until the board comes to the peak of the jump. Never forget to keep your hands at waist level and let the board be completely out of the water.

A little haste can cause you a serious injury as you might fall front hitting your face in water. That’s a bit painful. May be not a bit!

  1. Go for the shorter one

In beginner wakeboarding it is always better to choose a shorter rope to clinch upon. This is because, the shorter the rope, the narrow the space, so that you can clearly hear the advice given by the trainer or driver.

The better you hear the safer you surf!

short rope
  1. Keep the handle low

It is important to keep the handle low, closer to your hips in wake boarding. Remember that you are not a water-skier to hold it perpendicular.

Overestimation of your own skill might land you in another face plant.

handle at low in wakeboarding

  1. The ollie

For those who have the keen wish to perform tricks but lacks the confidence and practice to jump the wakes. Ollie is the perfect answer.

While performing this trick in wakeboarding, the surfer has to push the tail of the board down the water. One has to make sure that he/she have built up enough slack on the line. By doing so, the surfer would be able to pop up the water not a leap, but rather a bunny jump.


  1. Adhere on to Fakie

It is wakeboarding in reverse with one foot. Practicing fakie makes you eligible for doing almost all the tricks in an easy and smooth pace. Once you are trained in how to move the backward, it becomes far easier to do tricks with front foot.

practicing fakie
  1. Crossing the wake

Crossing the wake is a cardinal part in wakeboarding. It’s a hard nut to crack if the speed is really fast. Approach it slowly at first with knees bent slightly and maintaining balance

crossing the wake

  1. Jump high

Jumping is an easy trick if done right. You have to extend your legs and body as the wake lifts the board. Edge all through the wake, is the simple tip to attain a good height for your jump. Never ease the pull on the rope once you approach the wake.

high jump
  1. Know your best foot

One of the basic wakeboarding tip for all in common, especially beginners is to decide which foot you want to face forward. You must wisely choose your foot before going out to water. It is cardinal because the foot you keep forward act as your savior while losing the balance.

  1. Maintain the weight balance

Balancing your body is highly important in wakeboarding. The surface is narrow and you are on a mad ride with the water. The easiest tip to maintain your balance is to choose the right foot and keeping it forward. This also helps to maintain the weight balance while jumping or other tricks

weight balance in wakeboarding
  1. Surface 180

Before planning to execute a wake jumping, Surface 180 is a trick that is best for beginners wakeboarding. Surface spin is an easy trick that you can master with practice. Keep your elbows locked into your body, turn your body by rotating your hip, while bending your knees. The spins are of two types, front side and backside. Try initiating your surface spin while the boat is going in a good pace and when you are pulled out of the water

  1. Fashion air

In wake boarding tricks adds up to your scores. The more fascinating the trick is the more you score. As the name suggest, this is a fashion trick. The rider initially curls the board behind towards their own butt, while keeping knees pointing down.While on air, the rider throws up stylish poses throwing his hand behind the head and so on.

wakeboarding tricks

  1. Moby Dick

Wow!  The rider is compared Melville’s big whale Moby Dick. The rider here needs to do a tantrum. Now the wakeboarder initiates a backflip taking a 360degree back side spin. Remind yourself to alter the hand on the handler for maintaining weight balance

back flip in wakeboarding
  1. The spotter is inevitable

This is a basic boating tip for all water riders, especially wakeboarders. Ensure that there is a designated spotter to help divert driver according to your convenience. This spotter is also used to detect hazards or objects approaching in the water.

boating tip

 So get your boots on for an exhilarating surf with the water. Do not forget to follow the tips and tricks when you are in water, these are for all riders from normal to goofy footers. Curb up your enthusiasm and enjoy a safe ride!

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