1. Best waves in winter

Thanks to Hong Kong's georgraphical location, the northeast monsoon in fall and winter seasons will bring the entire eastern coast some large and powerful waves, especially in the famous surfing spots, like Big Wave Bay on Hong Kong Island and Big Wave West Bay in Sai Kung.The height and strength of waves during the summer months tend to be more beginner-friendly but the waves in fall and winter very much speak for themselves. For sure surfers will have more exciting practice sessions in winter!


2. Less crowded in winter

Who says we can’t go surfing in winter just because it’s too cold? In fact, it is kind of an enjoyment to surf freely in winter as there might not be any crowds jostling for waves.  You can be more focused on catching waves, taking off and practice all your tricks.


3. Best time to make improvements

Besides the above mentioned, it is a perfect season for you to improve your surfing skills. As you will have to wear wetsuit in cold water and putting the wetsuit on increases the water resistance, which means you need more energy when you do your paddling. After you get used to it, your arm muscles will gradually become stronger and you will be able to catch the waves a lot more easier. When the next summer kicks in, you will be fully confident to ride all the waves.

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