To ensure that your session goes in the best possible way, your goggles must be used properly, i.e. fitted and adjusted to give you the comfort and confidence inside the water. To help you with this, Nabaiji is here to give you its top tips on how to use your swimming goggles for a session without any disruptions and the need to put them on after each lap!

1. Adjusting Your Swimming Goggles

To utilise your swimming goggles to the fullest it is important to adjust your swimming goggles to fit your face shape and based on how they feel. The nose bridge and adjustable straps allow the lenses to create a suction effect and not let any water seep in as you swim.

Get a rough estimate of how low or short your strap should be and adjust them. After adjusting, place your goggles on your face and position the head strap at an angle of approximately 45° from the top of your head. This will prevent the goggles from moving during your session. You can gently move the lens and adjust them according to your comfort.

Important: do not overtighten the head strap as this can cause discomfort and leave marks around your eyes.

If, however, your swimming goggles continue to do as they please, here is a simple trick used by competitive swimmers:

Put on your first cap and your goggles as usual, then add a second cap that will hold the head strap of the swimming goggles in place. The way most Olympic swimmers do it!

It’s as simple as that!

2. Fogging On Swimming Goggles

A recurring problem for any swimmer, fogging on the lenses of swimming goggles can be uncomfortable or even restrictive in some cases, and it is downright annoying! 

The first thing NOT to do is rub your lenses, whether with your fingers, a cloth or anything else. This would only make things worse since you would deteriorate the thin film of anti-fog treatment present on Nabaiji swimming goggles. Do not fall into this vicious foggy circle!

If your session becomes tiresome due to the appearance of fog on your swimming goggles, simply take them off and dip them in the water. In doing so, you will get rid of that annoying fog without damaging your swimming goggles.

If you have your anti-fog layer but the lenses are still fogging up, we have the anti-fog marker which makes your lenses as good as new(for up to 3-4 hours) and you can continue your swimming sessions hassle free.

One other tip would be to apply your spit (anyhow you like) on the inner and outer lenses. This way the fogging is minimum and you do not have to remove them and clear the fog again and again.


Please note: Even when impeccably used, maintained and stored, swimming goggles wear out and lose their effectiveness. So do not blame yourself unnecessarily. And do not hesitate to replace them as needed, so that your enjoyment of swimming does not suffer!

Also, check out our techniques and tricks that will enable you to care for and store your swimming goggles optimally.

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