This recurring problem that all swimmers encounter at least once in their lives can be down to a variety of factors, such as incorrect adjustment of the swimming goggles, a poor head position during the dive, and so on.

But rest assured, even high-level swimmers face this problem. And more often than you might think!

So today Nabaiji will be sharing a few tips on how to avoid having to go and retrieve your goggles from the bottom of the pool!

1. Suitable Swimming Goggles

man swimming with swimming goggles

Did you know? Losing your swimming goggles during your dive is often due to the size of the lenses. The bigger they are, the more likely you are to lose your goggles when diving. The reason is very simple: the surface that comes in contact with the water is greater, therefore the water exerts greater pressure, thus destabilising the frame of the goggles.

If you dive wearing Easydow swimming goggles, with a wide field of vision, you will be more likely to lose them when you dive in than with swimming goggles designed for regular training, such as Action goggles, which have a smaller lens surface.

This is why, in competitions, you will find that the vast majority of swimmers wear swedish-style goggles. They are certainly a little less comfortable and have a smaller field of vision but they have the benefit of being extremely stable! The new B-FAST swimming goggles, approved by FINA for use in competitions, give you all the stability of swedish goggles thanks to their perfect fit on the face, providing excellent comfort.

2. The Correct Diving Technique

The loss of swimming goggles can also be due to improper arm and head positioning.

Step 1: When you push off, your eyes should be focused far ahead to give impetus

Step 2: Once your feet are no longer touching the starting block, you must then tuck your head between your shoulders

Step 3: Your chin should be pressed against your chest and your arms stretched and touching your head. At the same time, your hands should be positioned one on top of the other.

3. Buy the Right Goggles

A tip from competitive swimmers: wear two swim caps!

Put on your first cap and your swimming goggles as usual, then add a second swimming cap that will hold the head strap of the goggles in place.

Some also prefer to adjust the second swimming cap so that it slightly covers the front of the swimming goggles for an even more secure hold.


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