Swimming goggles are your eyes inside the water. It gives you the confidence to swim better and also it makes your sessions fun and enjoyable. Swimming goggles, like any technical product, are fragile. To guarantee them a long and happy life it is necessary to take great care of them. Don't worry there are only a few steps to ensure their longevity. 

The pleasure of swimming also depends on the comfort of your equipment. In this sense, caring for your swimming goggles is of paramount importance to keep you smiling during your sessions in the water. To help you with this, Nabaiji is going to share with you its top maintenance tips!

Caring for Your Swimming Goggles

There are only a few steps to keep in mind and by doing them you save money and the need to buy them repeatedly.

  • Maintenance methods can vary depending on the type of swimming goggles you have chosen. Firstly, and directly after purchase, it is important to read the care instructions of the product in question. 
  • At the end of your swimming session, be sure to rinse your swimming goggles in clear and cold (and ideally not hard) water so that the chlorine does not damage the materials(normal tap water should do it). Water alone should be enough, but you can also gently rub the head strap with your fingers after dipping them in soapy water.
  • This will remove any chlorine or salt (in open water) as well as the chemicals found in pool water that can impair the quality of swimming goggles.
  • Do, however, be very careful not to allow anything to come into contact with the lenses (no fingers, no cloth, NOTHING)! We cannot stress this enough; it is the golden rule of how to keep your goggles for as long as possible.
  • By rubbing your goggles, you will irreversibly damage the thin film of anti-fog treatment present on the swimming goggles.
  • Also, you will promote the growth of bacteria inside them and everyone knows that irritated eyes are never a good thing, both inside and outside the water!
  • Finally, be sure to avoid long periods of sun exposure and any contact with dirt or grease, which can damage certain components of swimming goggles.
    Please note: Even when impeccably used, maintained and stored, swimming goggles wear out and lose their effectiveness. So do not blame yourself unnecessarily. And do not hesitate to replace them as needed, so that your enjoyment of swimming does not suffer!

How to Prevent Your Goggles from Fogging?



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