In order to stay relaxed and have fun despite all and to not drown in stress, it is important to take breaks and escape! For this, sport can be your best friend!
Therefore, whether you have chosen a time slot between midday and 2 pm or you prefer to have a go in the evening after leaving work, see below for an adaptable training program to change things up no matter what time of day!
Dive in!

50Mins - 1hr Session

Warm-Up (30 Minutes)

Warm up for half an hour in order to wake up all your joints, muscles and heart rate. It's important!

12 x 50m 3 strokes: Backstroke (20 arm strokes + legs without kickboard) Breaststroke (10 arm cycles + legs without kickboard) x 4

Front crawl (20 arm strokes + legs without kickboard) 6 x 50m speciality swim:

25m average pace + 25m flexible

25m steady pace + 25m flexible x 2

25m fast pace + 25m flexible

You could do the first part of this in 4 strokes if you are a master of the butterfly. For the speciality part of the warm-up, choose your favourite style of swimming!

TOTAL: 900 metres

Sets (25 Minutes)

The exercises offered here will give you a cardio workout over short distances. It involves alternating different intensities of swimming, whilst taking care to actively recover between each sprint.

25m fast pace + 75m flexible (rest: 30s)

50m steady pace + 50m flexible (rest: 30s)

75m average pace + 25m flexible (rest: 30s) x 2

50m steady pace + 50m flexible (rest: 30s)

25m fast pace + 75m flexible (rest: 30s)

Don't forget to rehydrate every 100 metres (during your rest time). Muscle cramps can quickly occur!

TOTAL: 1,000 metres

Rest (5 Minutes)

Wind down by keeping moving so that your body reduces its effort little by little. Prioritise the relaxation of your muscles, catch your breath and concentrate on your swimming technique.

200m "hypoxic" front crawl (alternated breathing every 3, 5 and 7 arm strokes)

Session Total: 2,100 Metres

Congratulate yourself! The workout is finally over! You have completed more than two kilometres in less than an hour. I take my cap off to you! If you want to get stuck into a more substantial workout, you can adapt this program to your desires and/or needs. You can also do the sets or warm-up block twice. In fact, I would encourage you to do so!

This type of swimming workout focuses on helping you to gain cardiovascular strength and lose a maximum of calories! Give it a try. Your body will be grateful!

Finally, don’t forget to stretch and hydrate yourself to prevent muscle aches the next day. Also, do not hesitate to take a cold shower to increase circulation and speed up recovery.

See you very soon with a new swimming workout!


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